Women’s Self Defense!

Stay Away

Κορίστια / Girls!

Join Us in January  for this nine session women and girls self defense course in Kolonaki!


What: Stay Away: Women Empowered Self Defense

The Stay Away program allows any woman of any age, within a relatively short period of time, to learn all specifically ‘designed for women’ basic self-defense techniques. These techniques literally save lives. The classes also focus on danger assessment and safety awareness, to proactively keep you out of dangerous environments.

Why should you take this class?  Because studies show that women who have basic self defense training have a dramatically lower chance of being the victim of a violent crime.

  • self defense training lowers the chance of violent crime more than 80%
  • self defense training emphasizes tactics for early prevention so the situation can be avoided or shut down before a violent crime starts.

Are you a woman? If you are, you should take this class. Yes, you.  🙂

When: Once per week for one hour over a nine week duration

Where: Krav Maga-Kolonaki at Likavitou 14 in Kolonaki

Who: You (if you’re a girl )! And your friends. This class is open to all women and girls.  If you are guy, pass this on to your female friends… 🙂

How much: 120 euros for nine sessions

What else:

  • Class is taught by Krav Maga instructor Michalis Kafetzis
  • Dress in comfortable clothing
  • No problem if you miss a class or two in the series. The classes build on each other but each class is also valuable as a stand alone class.

To Register email: kravmagakolonaki@gmail.com or call 69 44226996

We hope to see you there!

What people saying:

“Unbelievable experience!”~ Sofia

“The best experience, you really live it!” ~Zoe

“Every woman who respects herself should take this class.” ~ Voula

“Michalis takes a heavy subject and somehow made it fun. These classes were amazing. This is one of the best nine hour investments you can make.” ~Lynn