2021: 40-Day Yogic Cleanse

40-Day Yogic Cleanse / Lynn Roulo

Join us March 22, 2021 for a 40-day cleanse! 

The origin of this cleanse was my Kundalini Yoga teacher training back in 2009. During training, we were asked to change our diet for 40 days by doing all of the four eliminations below.  Elements of the original cleanse are listed below. I’ve been doing this cleanse once a year since 2009, and it makes a huge difference for me.   I’m passing it on to you here with an opportunity for us to all do it together.


What benefits should you expect?  Higher energy, elevated mood, better sleep, weight loss, increased mental focus and healthier hair and skin are all things commonly reported from people who have completed the 40-day cleanse.  Individual results vary but most people have very positive results.


You can participate in all four, one, or any combination that works for you.


  1. Elimination of processed food
  2. Elimination of alcohol
  3. Elimination of meat (including fish)
  4. Elimination of coffee (tea is allowed).


This cleanse is generically considered to be a “yogic” diet.  In addition to cleansing your body, this diet is to help you learn to break patterns as there is a tremendous amount of patterned behavior in food.


The cost to participate is 80 euros.  Registration is below.


Additional details below:
Cleanse Option
Not Allowed
Elimination of Alcohol
Non-alcoholic drinks
Alcoholic drinks of any type
Elimination of Meat
All non-meat (including eggs, dairy)
All meat including fish, shellfish, chicken, beef, pork, etc.
Elimination of Coffee
Tea, including caffeinated tea
Coffee including decaffeinated coffee
Elimination of Processed Food (see definition below)
Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, plain yogurt, cheese*, tofu*, spices, sauces and spreads made from scratch without additives, non-dairy milk without additives, dairy products, nuts, beans, olives, oatmeal, oils, agave, maple syrup, honey
White flour, white sugar, wheat flour (even 100% whole wheat), corn syrup, food chemically altered through additives, food with additives, synthetic sugar substances, processed tofu products (faux meat, fakin’ bacon, etc.)
*While tofu and cheese are technically processed, they are allowed in this diet. The processed food section of this diet eliminates wheat since some people have a mild wheat allergy without realizing it. “Processed food” in this diet is generally defined as food which has been chemically altered through additives such as flavors, flavor enhancers, binders, colors, fillers, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc.


What should you expect during the 40 days?
  • You received a daily email with recipes, wellness tips, video links, etc.
  • You are added to our Facebook 40-Day Cleanse Group where you can chat with other cleanse participants.  Doing this cleanse all together means you have other people experiencing your challenges too. Group support is helpful.
  • For those in Athens, we will have a couple of optional group dinners at cleanse-friendly restaurants like Yi, Avocado, and Nice and Easy.  We’ll also have a few movie nights and other outings since socializing without alcohol can sometimes take some adjustment.


We hope you can join us for this 40-Day Cleanse! Many people report lots of things in their life start to shift upon completion of the cleanse.


To register, complete the form below.



1) 40-Day Cleanse: What is it?
The 40-Day Cleanse is a 40-day elimination diet challenge.  There are no restrictions on how much (quantity) you can eat. Instead, there are certain things you eliminate from your diet. They are below. You can participate by eliminating one, several or all four of the following:
  1. Elimination of processed food
  2. Elimination of alcohol
  3. Elimination of meat (including fish)
  4. Elimination of coffee (tea is allowed).


2) Do I have to eliminate all four items?
No, you can choose whatever works best for your situation. You can eliminate one, two, three or four of the options above.


3) What benefits should I expect?
More energy, an elevated mood, clearer thinking, weight loss, healthier hair, clearer skin and a general sense of wellbeing are the most commonly reported benefits of this cleanse.


4) What challenges should I expect?
This has a lot to do with your starting point.  My first year doing this was really hard because my diet was pretty “dirty.” These days, it isn’t a big deal for me to do this cleanse.  Expect that the first week will be challenging and then it will get easier.


5) Why 40 days?
40 days is considered “spiritually significant” and is believed to be the number of days required to break a habit. You can think of Jesus in the desert, Moses and the great flood, the 40 days of Lent, etc. By 40 days, your brain is starting to reprogram itself.


Logistical/Admin items
1) What should I expect for support during these 40 days?
You will get a daily email that includes things like recipes, videos, shopping lists and wellness tips. For those on Facebook, you will be added to a “40-Day Cleanse” group where we can chat about how things are going. And for those in Athens, we’ll periodically meet together for healthy meals at cleanse-friendly restaurants.


2)  What if I eat “dirty” one day during the cleanse?
Enjoy the meal and just go clean the next day.  My teachers would emphasize over and over they did not want us feeling guilty. I am passing that on to you. Our motto is “Best effort. No guilt.”


3)  How do I pay?
The cost is 80 euros. We ask for payment in advance by March 1, 2021. You can pay via Paypal at lynn@rasayancenter.com or via direct deposit (message me for banking details at lynn@lynnroulo.com).
Disclaimer:  The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as and should not be relied upon as medical advice.  If you utilize any information provided in this site, you do so at your own risk.  That said, we hope the information above leads you to healthier eating habits.  🙂