Tiny Tip #15: Invest in a Self Defense Class!

“Self defense is the first law of nature.” ~ John Locke

Self defense training is an investment in your safety. It is such a good idea, they’re even teaching it at yoga festivals these days…


  • Statistics show self defense training lowers your chance of being the victim of a violent crime by more than 80%. That’s a big improvement.
  • Self defense training emphasizes tactics for early prevention so problems can be avoided or shut down before a violent crime even starts.

If you are in Athens, you are super lucky because this self defense class starts Friday, January 26th.   I’ve taken this class, and if you are a woman in Athens, you should take it too. Yes, you. 🙂 And if you live outside of Athens or you are a guy, you can just google “Krav Maga” and your city.

We want you safe. 🙂