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How To Get a 70 Euro ($85) Facial for Less Than 1 Euro ($1)

Shortly after moving to Greece, I began going to a high-end facialist recommended by my friend who is a celebrity chef. Every two weeks for 70 euros (about $85), I’d come out with clean, bright fresh skin. The trick was the AHA treatment, an acid-based solution that exfoliates and brightens your face. For the amount of time I spend in the sun, I felt it was worth it.


But as I’ve transitioned my life away from being a CFO to earn my living as a yoga teacher and author, it has been increasing hard to justify spending 140 euros ($170) a month on my skin. And then I found the answer where I never would have guessed: in The Ordinary.


The Ordinary  is a Canadian skincare line (with free shipping for orders over 25 euros/dollars ) that uses the tagline “Clinical Formulations with Integrity.” The parent company, Deciem, describes themselves as “An Abnormal Beauty Company.” These guys rock. Their mission is “to marry function, design and authenticity.” Their products are affordable, ethical, science-based and effective. I’d been using their solutions for several years, but I had never tried any of their “direct acid” products.

And then recently, they introduced  The Ordinary AHA solution. This is a peeling solution with alpha hydroxy acids that renews the skin. This solution is basically what was being used on my skin at the salon at 70 euros a visit, but this 30 ml bottle costs just 7.20 euros. And one bottle provides at least 30 treatments. A miracle. I ordered it and followed the directions for use.


Naturally, I then experimented a little and found the real trick is to follow the exact series of steps they did for the AHA facial at the high-end salon. These extra steps made my skin brighter, fresher and cleaner, and I bet they will for you too. Here you go.


7 Steps to a budget-friendly AHA facial


Here are my 7 steps to the perfect at home, luxury AHA treatment:
  1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser
  2. Swab your face with a mild toner
  3. Apply a mud mask (use a mask that works for your skin, my oily skin is fine with almost anything but yours might be more sensitive)
  4. Remove mud mask and swab your face with a mild toner to remove all residual traces of the mask. Then make sure your skin is completely dry. At the salon they would use tissues to dry the skin.
  5. Apply AHA solution as directed. Leave on a maximum of 10 minutes (basically just follow the directions on the bottle).
  6. Rinse the solution off completely. Make this a very thorough water rinse as you don’t want to leave acid on your face.
  7. Apply a light moisturizer.
And voila! You just got a 70 euro facial for a fraction of the cost. ☺


Lots of us are looking for ways to maintain a comfortable lifestyle on a budget. Add this to your list. 😉 And if you need more purchase options, Amazon carries The Ordinary’s AHA peel as well.


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