40-Day Global Kundalini Yoga Meditation Challenge

Join our community on Tuesday, May 12 as we begin a 40-day Kundalini Yoga Meditation challenge. This is a great way to establish a daily meditation practice and lower anxiety.


How does it work?  Each day, you do the same Kundalini Yoga  meditation. Full instructions will be sent on May 8th.  This is a worldwide challenge–anyone anywhere can participate. You do the practice on your own so you can make it fit into your daily schedule.


What is the cost? There is no cost to participate.  Register below to get access to the kickoff session, the Facebook Group and to be added to our 40-day challenge email list. And you will have access to me during the challenge in case any questions arise.


How much time will it take each day? The meditation takes three minutes. You can do it once daily or several times a day. For those who want a longer practice, we will include videos with options to do a 3, 35 or 60-minute daily practice. Your minimum practice is three minutes a day but you are always welcome to do more.


What are the benefits of a daily meditation practice? Most people report feeling more balanced, a greater sense of happiness and relaxation, less anxiety and a more positive attitude.  I write about my experience with a daily practice here.


Yes, I want to join the 40-Day Kundalini Yoga Meditation Challenge! What do I do? Fill out the form below to register.