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The Nine Keys

The Nine Keys is the essential encyclopedia of the Enneagram in relationships. This book contains Enneagram relationship theory for all 45 type combinations as well as personal testimonials for all 81 relationship perspectives. Drawing on over 1,500 years of relationship experience from over 100 couples from around the world, the descriptions and testimonials are instructive, uplifting, cautionary, and sometimes scary and humorous – all real, all good. Browse the entire book here.

This book has been so incredibly helpful. Not only has it given me a better understanding of the dynamics in my romantic relationships (both failed and successful!), but has given me insight into my familial and platonic relationships, as well.


Headstart for Happiness

This guidebook leads you through the personalities in your life – your own personality and those around you, focusing on the unique strengths and gifts each type has to offer the world. This guide draws on over 100 interviews in which people of each Enneagram type describe their experience and their habit of attention. Mapping that habit of attention to Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to address each type’s sensitive issue, this guidebook provides you with tools for compassion and offers a path to a more harmonious, peaceful world.

Headstart for Happiness is reading a book filled with people you already know. Do you struggle trying to figure out why someone did what they did? Then this book will make it less frustrating since it gives you an essential map of his/her personality, behavior and motivation..I highly recommend this book!!! It’s very readable, providing simple, actionable advice on how to let thing go and to become happier in the process.”

– JC
Headstarrt for Happiness book cover
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About Me

Lynn Roulo

Kundalini Yoga and Enneagram Instructor

Lynn Roulo is a Kundalini Yoga and Enneagram instructor who teaches in the United States and throughout Europe. She offers a unique combination of the two systems, combining the physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga with the psychological growth tools of the Enneagram. She has published two books and writes for numerous publications including Truity, 3HO, YogaToday, YogiApproved, and Tiny Buddha.

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