31-Day Yoga/Meditation Challenge

Day Kriya Kriya notes Meditation Meditation notes
1 Spinal Energy Series 9-exercise set is to gently energize the spine. It is good for beginners and anyone wanting to develop spinal flexibility. This is a 30-minute class. Change the Ego This meditation trains the breath to quiet the ego so the voice of the soul can be heard.
2 Short, Sweet Kriya to Get Your Energy Moving This set features 11 exercises of one minute each. The kriya has a yin yoga feeling–it includes deep stretching and long, deep breathing. Immune System Booster The meditation is to boost the immune system.  It features 3 minutes of breath of fire through the left nostril, a great way to cleanse your body and give you a boost of energy.
3 Basic Breath Series The 6-exercise kriya is called The Basic Breath Series, and it all about the breath. Because most of the set is done sitting in easy pose with your legs crossed, feel free to use a chair if easy pose is challenging Inner Conflict Resolver One of my favorite meditations, this 5-5-15 breath sequence helps to calm the nerves and clear the mind. 


4 Kriya for Vitality This 10-exercise kriya comes from one of my favorite books “Waves of Healing” by Siri Atma Khalsa. There are a few physically challenging exercises in this set so if those exercises don’t work for your body, remember to keep up with the breath sequence and visualize yourself doing the full exercise. Meditation to Deal with Your Own Mind This meditation is a reminder that breath work is meditation and often you don’t need to focus on emptying your mind–you can just focus on the breath work and the rest will happen automatically.
5 Wake Up Series This simple 4-exercise kriya is designed so it can even be done in bed (though we don’t recommend that!).  This set builds the core, strengthens the nervous system, and gives the body a burst of energy.  This is a great pick-me-up as we approach mid week. Burn Out Inner Anger The meditation is to burn out anger.  Better than therapy, this meditation can help you release any anger you may be holding
6 Kriya for Elevation In under 40 minutes, this yoga set stretches your body, deepens your breath, and gives you a burst of energy. It’s a great way to take care of your body and your mind. Meditation for a Calm Heart This soothing meditation connects you to your own heart energy.
7 Sun Energy Sun energy is a bright active energy that promotes feelings of positivity, expansiveness, and optimism about the future. This class includes a 7-exercise kriya to develop sun energy. Ego Eradicator Ego eradicator is a powerful exercise that builds the nervous system, cleanses the blood, detoxifies the body, and gives you a burst of energy.



8 Awakening the Ten Bodies This 14-exercise set starts and ends with physically challenging exercises but the ones in the middle are gentle.  🙂 Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity This 3-minute meditation helps to melt away self-animosity and self-loathing.
9 Pranayama Kriya This 8-exercise kriya offers a range of breathing techniques and is a good beginner set. 4-Stroke Breath for Rejuvenation Simple but powerful, this meditation is a great way to boost your energy and rejuvenate your body.
10 Abdominal Fitness Workout Get ready to work your core. This is a 34-minute class. Meditation to Harmonize with Your Environment The meditation is to harmonize with your environment. Remember to focus on your breath.
11 Heart of Gold Kriya Become a nicer person with this heart-opening kriya Meditation to Build Energy Build your energy with this simple, powerful meditation.
12 Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana This kriya is a wonderful combination of strengthening your physical body and also opening your heart. Two of the six exercises in this set are physically challenging (but they both only last one minute) so feel free to visualize any part of those exercises that you need to. Caliber of Life Meditation The caliber of life meditation combines a breath work sequence of 5-5-15 with a posture that requires you to hold your arms out.  This meditation is great for anyone who wants to develop grit and focus.
13 Alleviate back pain with this Spinal Flexibility Series This class features a gentle 13-exercise kriya that works on spinal flexibility. Most of the exercises last one minute and if sitting is uncomfortable for you, you can do many of the exercises in a chair as a modification. Lower your stress with this meditation for stress relief. Use this 8-stroke breath meditation to lower your stress in just 3 minutes
14 Kriya to Release Fear This is a powerful 11- exercise practice that helps to remove any stuck fear you might be holding energetically in your body. Meditation to Remove Fear of the Future The meditation is gentle meditation to remove fear of the future.
15 Radiant Body Kriya   In this 35-minute class, 8-exercise class, you will energize your body, uplift your mood, and calm your mind. Calm Your Mind with the Guru Gobind Singh Shakti Mantra Meditation  By controlling the breath, the meditation helps you reach the consciousness of ecstasy and calms the nerves. This meditation includes chanting a mantra.
16 Class for Physical and Mental Vitality+ Meditation for Prosperity The kriya includes 8 exercises (4 exercises repeated one time) to boost your mental and physical vitality. Meditation for Prosperity  The meditation includes chanting and is a meditation to help attract prosperity in all aspects of your life.


17 Feel Safe and Secure: Kriya for the First Chakra This class cultivates feelings of calm and security. It will leave you feeling more grounded. Meditation for the First Chakra Ground yourself with this simple meditation.
18 Ignite Your Creativity: Kriya for the Second Chakra This class cultivates feelings of calm and security. It will leave you feeling more grounded. Meditation to Break Through Blocks In this meditation, you won’t say the mantra SA-TA-NA-MA but you will think it.
19 Build Your Abs and Core–Kriya for the Third Chakra The kriya is a 6-exercise set called Nabhi Kriya.   It feels like a flow yoga practice as we move from one exercise to the next without breaks. Meditation for the Liver If you like sufi grinds, you will love this meditation.
20 Open the Heart with this Kriya for the Fourth Chakra In just 32 minutes you can help open the heart chakra with this 5-exercise set. This class features a gentle set with beautiful, uplifting music. You will also hear my dog barking… 🙂 Sat Kar Tar Meditation to Open the Heart This simple, powerful meditation includes chanting and is a quick, effective way to open your heart.
21 Be Heard with this class for the Fifth Chakra  This 37-minute class for the fifth chakra helps to open your throat so you can express yourself clearly Wahe Guru  Meditation for the Fifth Chakra   The Wahe Guru meditation is for the throat chakra and allows you to hear your own voice. This meditation includes a mantra.
22 Tune Into Your Intuition with this Kriya for the Sixth Chakra This gentle 8-exercise class for the sixth chakra tunes you into your intuition Meditation for the Sixth Chakra A simple meditation to connect you with your higher self.
23 Connect with Universal Wisdom with this Kriya for the Seventh Chakra This 8-exercise class for the seventh chakra is gentle and meditative, helping you tune into higher levels of consciousness. Meditation for Perspective and Emotional Balance  This breathwork practice helps you gain perspective and emotional balance.


24 Strengthen Your Energetic Field with this Kriya for the Eighth Chakra This class features an 8-exercise Kriya for the Electromagnetic Field. It is a calm, meditative set. Meditation for Intuition  The meditation is a 4-stroke breath to build intution. This is to help you tune into your higher self.
25 Balance Your Head and Heart  This kriya is only 3 exercises, but I’ve included some warm up exercises so you can stretch out your body. Meditation for the Challenges of Tomorrow  This meditation features three parts, each one minute long.
26 Act, Don’t React  The class includews 6 exercises to open the heart and features simple, powerful exercises to begin to shed any emotional armor around the heart. One Minute Breath Meditation  This one-minute breath practice helps slow down and deepen your breathing. This has a direct impact on your reactivity.
27 Burn Out Anger and Cultivate Kindness  The kriya is a 7-exercise set for heart connection. Meditation to Burn Out Anger The meditation is specifically to burn out anger. This is a different meditation than the earlier one to burn out anger–this one uses breath of fire instead of sitali breath.
28 Develop Emotional and Mental Balance  Develop emotional and mental balance with a simple 4-exercise set.  Energetically, fear is held in our hips and inner thighs so when doing the hip rotations in this kriya, you are releasing fear. Meditation for Constant Self-Authority The meditation is for constant self-authority. It is a breathwork meditation to help you tune into your own inner guidance.
29 Boost Your Metabolism This 8-exercise refreshing set is an accessible series that derives its effects from the sequence of glandular stimulation and the use of breathwork. If your body needs a detox, try this set! Meditation for High Blood Pressure The meditation is for high blood pressure and features breath of fire through the left nostril.
30 Yoga to Relax and Drop Negativity This gentle kriya includes 10 exercises to remove tension and negativity.  One exercise has you curl up under one arm as if sleeping. 🙂 Meditation for Gratitude Cultivating gratitude is one of the best ways to combat negativity. This is a beautiful meditation to help increase your positive thoughts.
31 Boost Your Immunity! This class is a great mix of exercises including dog breath and cat cow among the warm up exercises and then a 7-exercise set a kriya to boost immunity. Meditation for Immunity and Disease Prevention  In just 3 minutes, you can give your immunity a big boost.

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