Headstart for Happiness

A Guide Book Using Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram

Headstart For Happiness weaves together the Enneagram System of Personality with Kundalini Yoga to create a guide book for deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Rooted in the narrative tradition, this guide draws on over 100-panel interviews in which people of each Enneagram type describe their experience as their specific type. Based on the idea that nothing is more powerful than someone talking about their direct, personal experience, this book leverages the testimonials of hundreds of people. Mapping that direct experience to Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to address each type’s sensitive issue, this manual offers a path towards happiness.

Headstart for Happiness includes:

  • An Enneagram type overview for each of the nine distinct personality types.
  • Each type’s unique gifts to the world.
  • Tools for compassion if you have someone of the type in your life (what you NEED to know).
  • The internal experience of each type–as reported directly by people of the type.
  • Next steps towards happiness.
  • A Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation mapped to each Enneagram type. The physical practice of Kundalini Yoga accelerates the growth path for each Enneagram type.

Highly accessible, Headstart for Happiness can be used by absolute beginners to advanced practitioners alike. No prior knowledge of either system is required. Each Kundalini Yoga kriya and meditation includes full instruction and can be practiced by people of all physical conditions and abilities. If you can breathe, you can do this practice.

What readers are saying:

I’ve been on a mindful journey for the last five years and have read over 100 books in that time frame that relate to mindfulness and self growth. The vast majority of these teachers all point back to the self and to meditate, and for the last five years it all intellectually made sense but I had never practiced it. I stumbled on this book from Lynn’s website after I was recently introduced to the enneagram and wanted to know which type I might best be suited for in a relationship, as she had a related blog post. And then I saw her book and looked into it a bit and learned about the Kundalini connection. And I had remembered there was a Kundalini yoga class taught at the studio I attend so I decided to check out a class. And after five years of searching I finally found my practice! I immediately ordered the book and started to learn more and also started doing the type 9 Kriya and have been doing it daily since! And I must say that the missing ingredient I had these last five years was a consistent practice. You can understand something intellectually but it isn’t until you practice it daily that real transformation happens. I also contacted Lynn directly and set-up a typing session before I had started my daily practice as I was not quite sure if I was a 4 or 9. That session helped tremendously! I’m grateful for stumbling across her website and that Kundalini yoga class. It’s not just a headstart to happiness it’s a new life. Just remember that seed does not instantly become the towering tree. Be patient with yourself and this practice, but show up everyday.

– DM

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