Online Enneagram Training

Would you like to learn the Enneagram in a deeper way?

Starting Sunday, January 15th, 2023 at 10:00 Pacific Standard Time (California)/20:00 Eastern European time (Greece) we begin a nine part online series to help you learn the many facets of the Enneagram. Check your time zone here.

This series has a special focus on Racial and Ethnic Diversity and the Enneagram. Video playbacks are available if you can’t attend in person.

Each session focuses on a different Enneagram type and includes the overview/theory of the type followed by a panel  discussion with people who are the type sharing their experience. The theory component includes the habit of attention, the wings, the subtypes, the levels of awareness, and the growth path for each type. The Narrative Tradition panels are enlightening, entertaining, and thought-provoking. The 2023 workshops look at the Enneagram through the lens of racial and ethnic diversity.

Why take this training:
  1. Improve your knowledge of the Enneagram.
  2. Cultivate self-awareness and compassion towards yourself and others.
  3. Build community.
  4. Make your professional and personal relationships more harmonious and positive.
  5. Expand your knowledge of racial and ethnic issues as you listen to the panelists share their experience.
2023 session schedule:

The nine session schedule is below. While it is tempting to want to go to your own type’s session (and I encourage that), you learn even more when you go sessions that are not your type.

Session #1: Type 1, Perfectionist/Reformer (Sunday, January 15)

Session #2: Type 2, Helper/Giver/Lover (Sunday, January 22)

Session #3: Type 3, Achiever/Motivator (Sunday, January 29)

Session #4: Type 4, Individualist/Artist (Sunday, February 5)

Session #5: Type 5, Investigator/Thinker (Sunday, February 12)

Session #6: Type 6, Loyalist/Skeptic (Sunday, February 19)

Session #7: Type 7, Enthusiast/Generalist (Sunday, February 26)

Session #8: Type 8, Leader/Boss/Protector (Sunday, March 5)

Session #9: Type 9, Peacemaker/Mediator (Sunday, March 12)



The series is 20 euros/$20 USD per individual session or 150 euros/$150 USD for the entire series. Payment details will be sent upon registration.

To register, complete the form below:

To apply to be a panelist:

Are you interested in being a panelist?  I’d love to hear from you. We are looking for all Enneagram types. Please complete the form below.