Enneagram Workplace Training

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Successful teamwork and effective communication are foundational for the success of a company. One of the best ways to cultivate these skills is through the development of emotional intelligence in a company’s employees. According to Forbes, 71% of hiring managers value emotional intelligence (EQ) over a high IQ.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram System of Personality directly addresses the five elements of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self- regulation, internal motivation, empathy, and social skills. Called the “GPS of wisdom,” a 2011 study by Enneagram in Business covering 72 companies, including Best Buy, Daimler-Mitsubishi, Toyota and Avon, found that using the Enneagram led to better communication and collaboration, rising sales, and increased employee engagement.

We offer corporate training using the tools of the Enneagram (online and in-person options). We offer individual coaching and team training.

Individual Coaching

Using the tool of the Enneagram, I offer 1:1 coaching sessions to help you excel professionally. Learn your innate strengths, your blind spots, and your path to professional success.  Coaching programs are tailored on a case-by-case basis.  Message me to set up a discovery call at lynn@lynnroulo.com

Team Training

Training format:

Six hours of group instruction + one 90-minute individual session per participant. The six hours of group instruction is broken into two 3-hour sessions with a 2-week break between sessions.

Group size:

The ideal group size is 8-10.  Groups can be as small as 3 or as large as 15 participants.


Session 1. (3-4 hours)
Activating Your Inner Observer
  • Introduction to the background and origins of the Enneagram system, the nine Enneagram personality types including main characteristics, subtypes, the strengths, gifts, and blind spots of each type.
  • Exercises to cultivate self-awareness, to identify your own habit of attention. These exercises include individual and group exercises.
Session 2 (3-4 hours)
How Your Colleagues See the World

Understanding another person’s perspective is the foundation for successful communication and team work. This session helps each participant understand how they interpret the world and sheds light on how their colleagues interpret the world.

  • Enneagram Panel Workshop
  • Personnel Development Commitments
  • Team Development Commitments
Individual Enneagram Typing Interviews/Coaching Sessions (90 minutes)

Interactive Enneagram Typing Interviews are designed to help you discover your Enneagram type. These interactive interviews are generally more powerful and accurate than online tests because through dynamic discussion, your core motivation is uncovered. Learn more.

What do participants leave the training  with?
  • A clearer understanding of the nine habits of attention and how those habits impact a work environment.
  • A better understanding of their co-workers and themselves.
  • Tools to help improve communication skills, lower stress, manage anxiety, manage anger and cultivate more effective teamwork.

What are participants saying?

  • “Getting to know my team members better gave me insight to who they are at the core. This has led to better collaboration and communication.”
  • “Knowing my dominant Enneagram type has helped me to have a better insight into my strengths and weaknesses.”
  • “Although I am new in the team, I feel that I got closer to my colleagues during the training.”
  • “I appreciated the time to self-reflect,and to discuss with my colleagues topics that are outside the day-to-day work issues. The training improved our relationships and cooperation.”
  • “I like having the Enneagram as a reference for decoding other people’s actions.”

Intermediate Enneagram training

The intermediate customized Enneagram training goes a step deeper into the system of the Enneagram, includes personal lifeline and visioning sessions and applies these tools to real world work scenarios.

What do participants leave with?

  • Increased emotional intelligence allowing them to collaborate more effectively.
  • A clearer understanding of the root causes for miscommunications as well as techniques to avoid miscommunication.
  • A deeper understanding of their own and their team members unique strengths and challenges in a work environment.

Offsite Enneagram training and team building

Custom, tailored packages offsite Enneagram training and team building events are based on:

  • Physical exercise and play to promote team building
  • Healthy, locally-sourced, nutritious, delicious meals
  • Enneagram training and discussion with an emphasis on workplace dynamics and communication styles.

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