Enneagram Corporate Training

Successful teamwork and effective interpersonal communication are foundational for the success of a company. And one of the fastest ways to cultivate these skills is through the development of emotional intelligence in a company’s employees. According to Forbes, 71% of hiring managers value emotional intelligence (EQ) over a high IQ.

The Enneagram System of Personality directly addresses the five elements of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self- regulation, internal motivation, empathy and people skills. Called the “GPS of wisdom,” a 2011 study by Enneagram in Business covering 72 companies, including Best Buy, Daimler-Mitsubishi, Toyota and Avon, found that using the Enneagram led to better communication and collaboration, rising sales and increase in employee engagement.

We offer corporate training based on the Enneagram with optional mindfulness and meditation tools and techniques. We offer online and in-person options.


Introduction to the Enneagram

The introductory training includes three distinct topics:

1. The Inner Observer

  • Background and origins of the Enneagram system, the nine Enneagram personality types including main characteristics, subtypes, wings, stress points and security points, the strengths, gifts and blind spots of each type.
  • Exercises to cultivate self-awareness, to identify your own habit of attention. These exercises include individual and group exercises.
  • Discussion of team dynamics and what makes a great team.

2. How Your Team Members See the World

  • Enneagram Panel Workshop
  • Structured Feedback Exercises

3. Taking Your Team to the Next Level

  • Personnel Development Commitments
  • Team Development Commitments

What do participants leave with?

  • A clearer understanding of the nine habits of attention and how those habits impact a work environment.
  • A better understanding of their co-workers and themselves.
  • Tools to help improve communication skills, lower stress, manage anxiety, manage anger and cultivate more effective teamwork.


Intermediate Enneagram training

The intermediate Enneagram training goes a step deeper into the system of the Enneagram, includes personal lifeline and visioning sessions, and applies these tools to real world work scenarios.

What do participants leave with?

  • Increased emotional intelligence allowing them to collaborate more effectively.
  • A clearer understanding of the root causes for miscommunications as well as techniques to avoid miscommunication.
  • A deeper understanding of their own and their team members unique strengths and challenges in a work environment.


Enneagram Typing Interviews

Interactive Enneagram Typing Interviews are designed to help you discover your Enneagram type. These interactive interviews are generally more powerful and accurate than online tests because through dynamic discussion, your core motivation is uncovered. Learn more.


Offsite Enneagram training and team building

Custom, tailored packages offsite Enneagram training and team building events are based on:

  • Physical exercise and play to promote team building
  • healthy, nutrient-dense meals
  • Enneagram training and discussion with an emphasis on workplace dynamics and communication styles.


Offsite locations:

Ikaria Island, Greece

Ikaria is a Greek island in the central Aegean Sea. It lies south west of Samos near the coast of Turkey. Ikaria has an international airport (JIK) and is less than one hour by plane from Athens. It is seven hours by ferry from Athens.

Ikaria is famous among the Greek islands for being a Blue Zone, an area where people live unusually long lives. It has been written about by the New York Times, and Business Insider did a documentary about the island:

The slow, casual pace of the island makes it a great place for team building. Surfing, stand up paddleboard, hiking, swimming and kayaking are all popular on the island.

Our corporate events typically include surf lessons and other water sports on the famous Mesakti Beach.


Paros Island, Greece

Paros is a Greek island in the central Aegean Sea. One of the Cyclades island group, it lies to the west of Naxos. Paros has an international airport (PAS) and is less than one hour by plane from Athens. It is three hours by ferry from Athens.

Paros is known for its beautiful beaches, its lively towns of Naossa and Parikia, and its world reknown windsurfing and kiteboarding spots like Golden Beach. The island has something for everyone and is often described as “Mykonos without the craziness.”

Our corporate events typically include windsurfing lessons and other water sports on the famous New Golden Beach.


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