About Me

I’m a Kundalini Yoga and Enneagram instructor who teaches in the United States and throughout Europe.  I teach a unique combination of the two systems, combining the physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga with the psychological growth tools of the Enneagram.


I’ve written two books combining Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram.

About Kundalini yogaI like Kundalini Yoga because everyone can do it. I usually refer to it as the yoga for people who think they can’t do yoga. If you can breathe, you can do Kundalini Yoga.”


I received my Kundalini Yoga teaching certification from the Guru Ram Das Ashram in San Francisco, California and began my teaching experience at homeless shelters throughout San Francisco. In 2009, I started the Rasayan Center, a Kundalini Yoga studio in San Franciscoʼs financial district. In 2012, I moved to Athens, Greece and teach in Greece and throughout Europe.

About the Enneagram “I think of it as a tool for compassion. When you start to understand yourself and your own behavior, you can start to break the patterns that don’t serve you and choose your actions instead of just acting out your habit. And when you begin to understand what is going on in other people’s minds, all that crazy behavior doesn’t seem so crazy.”


My study of the Enneagram System of Personality began in 1995. I’m certified as an Enneagram Professional Trainer (EPTP program), and my training includes the Enneagram Intensive, Foundations of Spiritual Method, Subtypes, and the Enneagram Typing Process. While living in San Francisco, California, I participated in numerous narrative tradition panels with facilitators including Helen Palmer and Peter O’Hanrahan. This is my story about how I became interested in the Enneagram.


I teach throughout Europe and the United States.  You can see my schedule.   You can learn more about me here And check out our press section.

My Story

I spent most of my career as a Certified Public Accountant (US CPA) working in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area. I began my own finance consulting practice in 1997 and worked in the technology start-up and venture capital industries as a Controller and CFO. Then in 2012, I decided to go to Athens, Greece.


My reasons for moving were purely intuitive.  I’m not Greek by heritage, I had no job here, I didn’t speak any Greek, and there was no Greek man in the picture.  I just had this really clear feeling, almost like a calling, that I should go to Greece.


And so I came.  


“I remember getting on the plane to leave San Francisco. My dog and two cats were in cargo below, and I had packed a suitcase full of clothes. Almost everything else I had sold or given away. There wasn’t anyone to meet me in Athens because I didn’t know anyone. But it was one of the calmest moments of my life. I was totally sure I was making the right choice.  And I haven’t regretted it at all. I love Greece.”


I wrote a blog series “Connecting the Dots: How I Went from Being a San Francisco CFO to an Athens Yoga Instructor.”

The Huffington Post did a feature about my journey to Greece. And Guts and Tales created a nice summary of my career change.


Since coming to Greece, I periodically post the top 10 things I love about living here. Here they are.