Enneagram Typing Interview

After people learn about the Enneagram, they often ask “How do I learn my Enneagram Type?”

Interactive Enneagram Typing Interviews are designed to help you discover your Enneagram type. These interactive interviews are generally more powerful and accurate than online tests because through dynamic discussion, your core motivation is uncovered.

Online tests speak more to behavior. Interactive interviews go a level deeper to uncover motivation. For example, if an online test asks “Do you like to drive sports cars?” many types might answer yes but for different motivations. An Achiever (3) may like the attention they get. An Enthusiast (7) may like the adrenaline rush of going fast. A Leader (8) may like the feeling of power and control. Interactive interviews uncover these differences, leading to more accurate results.


What are people saying about Enneagram Typing Interviews?

“It was like someone had a blueprint of my psychology!” Tony, Athens
“When I learned my type, I felt like I could stop fighting with myself…” Maria, San Francisco
“For me, the Enneagram reading was better than 10 therapy sesssions–and more fun!” Gabriela, Brussels



Why learn your Enneagram type?

The benefits include:

  • Increased self awareness
  • Improved communication both in business and interpersonal relationships
  • Better knowledge of your innate strengths and your potential areas of development
  • Increased compassion towards yourself and others.


How does an Enneagram Typing Interview work?

You schedule the interview. There is nothing to prepare, and you don’t need to bring anything. I lead you through the process as we talk about your thoughts. The questions are designed to answer the question “where does your attention go?” Most people find the interviews thought-provoking, informative and fun. Some sample questions are  below.


What types of questions should I expect?

Here are a few sample questions:

  • If you take a test out of 100, and you get it back with 95 correct, how would you feel about that?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how easy is it to say “no” to a request for something you really don’t want to do?
  • Are you competitive?
  • How familiar are you with the darker emotions like sadness, melancholy and depression?
  • How important is it that you get time alone every day?
  • Do you trust people easily?
  • How are you with rules and limitations?
  • What really makes you really angry?
  • How comfortable are you with conflict?


How long does it take?

The interview takes between 60 and 90 minutes. A video clip of your interview is sent to you after the interview.


Who conducts the Enneagram Typing Interview?

All Enneagram Typing interviews are conducted by me. You can learn more about my background and qualifications here.


How do I book an Enneagram Typing Interview?

To schedule an interview, email me with your name, your city/state/country and three times/dates that work for you for a 90 minute session. Most sessions take 60 minutes but we allow 90 minutes so the session isn’t rushed. These interviews are available worldwide via Skype or Zoom.



Testimonials for Enneagram Typing interviews with Lynn Roulo

“In my experience with personality typing, the Enneagram is the only system I’ve encountered that just makes sense, and has shown itself to be a source of truth again and again. Originally skeptical, I did my typing interview with Lynn ‘just for fun’, but little did I know the impact it would have in my life – professional & personal, at all levels. It has helped me to understand myself, my closest relationships, friends, colleagues and bosses – and helped me make changes for the better. Lynn really brings the Enneagram alive and makes the system relatable, offering her own unique and razor-sharp insights. She approaches it as a ‘tool for compassion’ – which is the best starting point of all.” – CT
“Learning my Enneagram type has helped me tremendously to understand myself better, but also to understand how and why other people act as they do. I was worried for years that something was wrong with me.  As a Type 7 Enthusiast,  I wondered why I can’t choose a hobby and stick with it or why it’s so hard to finish a project? I would get upset when I had a new wonderful idea for a weekend, and my husband was not so excited about it or even worse, he would start to “be logical” or talk about the financial aspects.I would get upset about my boss’s behavior and not realize why he was acting as he was.  Now I try to look at it with a different perspective. People are what they are, and I use Enneagram to find the “right tools” to communicate with them. I’ve sent my mother, my sister and my husband all to Lynn for Enneagram typing interviews. I feel that knowing my type and the types of others close to e gives me a better awareness of myself and the human world around me. Better awareness is also more love and this is what we all need right now. :-)” – TH
“I feel I’ve always known who I am, but the Enneagram gave me deeper insights into my own nature. This understanding has helped me to accept my own personality style and stop fighting against it. It has also helped me minimize my judgment of others using my own filters and has helped me to understand where other people are coming from. I had my interview with Lynn a few years ago, and I felt completely safe. It actually felt more like a conversation with a friend. She was great at guiding me so I could identify the type that best represented me. In short, the Enneagram has helped me become more empathetic, and Lynn’s interview was the first step on that journey.” – LT


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