27 Meditations

Type 1: Improver/Perfectionist Meditation
Self-Preservation Type 1 “Worry” Alternate Nostril Breathing to Lower Stress and Anxiety
1 Social To Open the Heart
1 One-to-One Conquer Inner Anger
Type 2: Helper/Befriender
2 Self-Preservation For Self Blessing And Guidance By Intuition
2 Social Balancing Apana Energy
2 One-to-One To Connect To The Golden Cord
Type 3: Motivator/Achiever
3 Self-Preservation To Deal With Your Own Mind
3 Social Gyan Mudra Kriya
3 One-to-One White Swan Meditation
Type 4: Individualist
4 Self-Preservation Gratitude
4 Social Conquer Self Animosity
4 One-to-One Tattva Balance
Type 5: Investigator
5 Self-Preservation Mercury Projection
5 Social To Activate Your Inner Knowing
5 One-to-One Deep Meditation Into Thoughtlessness
Type 6: Loyalist/Skeptic
6 Self-Preservation Balancing The Nervous Energies
6 Social 4-Stroke Breath To Build Intuition
6 One-to-One Neutral Mind
Type 7: Enthusiast
7 Self-Preservation Invoking A Meditative State
7 Social Liberated Heart
7 One-to-One To Balance Mental Energy
Type 8: Leader/Challenger
8 Self-Preservation Act, Don’t React
8 Social Lunar Energy
8 One-to-One To Open The Heart, Throat And Third Eye Energy Centers
Type 9: Peacemaker
9 Self-Preservation Past Projections
9 Social 4-Stroke Breath for Meditative Balance
9 One-to-One 8-Stroke Breath To Enhance The Psyche