Enthusiast (7) with Enthusiast (7)

7:7 When In Balance

A double Enthusiast (7) couple share a desire for a relationship free from expectations and limitations where freedom, fun and spontaneity are guiding principles. With each other, finally they have found someone who not only is unoffended by their desire for personal freedom but who in fact shares this same desire. They can be almost giddy to have found a kindred spirit.


Both share positive thinking, a drive for new adventures and experiences, as well as curiosity, resilience and a future orientation. Gratitude comes easily to this couple as their minds naturally orient to the positive things in their lives. Both positively reframe even difficult situations, and this couple focuses on the exuberance borne of overcoming challenges and the thrill of new experiences. Together they radiate happiness, hospitality, good cheer and good vibes. This can be a popular couple sought after by many for their uplifting, positive energy. This energy is contagious.


7:7 The Downward Spiral

The shared blind spot of the Enthusiast (7) can be what triggers the downward spiral of this pair – a deep avoidance of the negative.


Enthusiast (7)s have difficulty staying with negative, challenging emotions. They tend to idealize life and filter in only the positive. Negative emotions are buried and may manifest in judgment or selfishness.With a double Enthusiast (7) couple, this situation is multiplied so the reality distortion can become extreme. Enthusiast (7)s can have a childlike quality about them, and in the less self aware stages, this manifests as immaturity and an inability to manage their underlying anxiety. With tightening defenses, Enthusiast (7)s grow bored, impatient and turn their attention away from the issue to look for more positive stimulation. Anxiety, masked as boredom and impatience, can be the beginning of the downward spiral for this couple. As one starts to lose interest in the relationship, anxiety from the Enthusiast (7) other grows.


If the downward spiral gains momentum, either or both Enthusiasts may lash out at the other, saying things impulsively, making demands and offering unfiltered, righteous criticism of the other. Enthusiast (7)s are self-referencing so sensitivity towards the feelings of their partner evaporates in the face of stress. In lower stages of awareness, one or both can become self-centered, mean and unreliable.


If the couple can’t manage their anxiety enough to tolerate some level of discomfort, this couple can drift away from each other or break dramatically apart, ending the once joyous partnership.


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