Helper (2) with Enthusiast (7)

2:7 When In Balance

The Helper (2) and the Enthusiast (7) are a high energy, social, engaging and outgoing couple who enjoy creating a positive environment to share with those around them. Both share a lust for life and a natural curiosity about the world and other people.


While their external behavior can look similar, their habit of attention and internal world are very different. Helper (2)s are more other-oriented with a sensitivity to the feelings and conditions of others. They offer emotional depth to the relationship and are genuinely concerned about other people. This is inspiring to their partner and can help awaken the sometimes-latent capacity for compassion in their Enthusiast (7).


Enthusiast (7)s bring positive energy, a thirst for adventure, a bold “can-do” attitude and a sense of endless possibilities. Enthusiast (7)s generate excitement in their environment and uplift others with their joy, humor and storytelling. Helper (2)s admire this and appreciate the happiness their Enthusiast (7) brings to them and those around them. Enthusiast (7)s are self-referencing, and they can help their Helper (2) establish clearer personal boundaries. By example, they show the Helper (2) how to advocate for themselves and make their own desires a priority.


Both types can be idealistic and get pleasure sharing their abundance with others. This can be a highly altruistic, generous and inspiring pair. They make others feel warm, welcomed, loved and included.


2:7 The Downward Spiral

Their different habits of attention can become a source of conflict under stress with tightening defenses. Helper (2)s seek a deep, intimate connection to feel stable whereas Enthusiast (7)s seek personal freedom and an absence of limitations for their sense of stability. Under stress or in an unaware state, the Helper (2)’s fear rejection may trigger clingy and dependent behavior. They lean forward towards their Enthusiast (7) wanting more connection and more assurance that the relationship is stable. The Enthusiast (7) may sense their personal freedom is at risk and begin to turn their attention to new possibilities. The degree to which the Helper (2) can manage their urge to lean in and the degree to which the Enthusiast (7) can resist their urge to flee determines how much momentum the downward spiral gains.


The Helper (2) can also become disillusioned with the self-referencing nature of the Enthusiast (7). The Helper (2) longs for a deep, stable emotional connection and as they start to understand the degree that their Enthusiast (7) focuses on themselves, they may start to doubt the chance of a happy future together. When fixated, Enthusiast (7)s adopt a “me first” attitude, and this can be disappointing to their Helper (2). The downward spiral can be triggered through themes of rejection and limitation. Once this couple starts to polarize, it can be hard to break the momentum.