Individualist (4) with Investigator (5)

4:5 When In Balance

The Individualist (4) and Investigator (5) bring complementary traits to each other, and this can be a very harmonizing relationship. Both seek depth, albeit in different arenas and coming from different angles. Both are curious, open-minded and private, valuing time alone and giving their partner a great deal of personal freedom.


Individualist (4)s are tuned into the colorful and vivid world of emotion. They bring a lyrical and artistic quality to their experience as well as a sensitivity to their own feelings and the feelings of others. This can be fascinating to their Investigator (5) who tends to have a more monochromatic experience in the world of emotion. Individualist (4)s can be passionate, creative, nurturing and invite their Investigator (5) to get out of their head and more into their body.


Investigator (5)s are logical, rational, methodical and curious. They bring a grounded, focused, comprehensive quality to their experience as well as willingness to live life on their own terms and outside of the mainstream. They help anchor their Individualist (4) who can get swept away by their emotional storms. They accept their Individualist (4) fully and easily which can be healing for their partner.


Together, this couple can share a high level of contextual communication. They may have inside jokes, facial expressions, signals and so forth that serve as a private language shared just between the two of them. Both can be unconventional and irreverent, and they may bond through their shared quirkiness. Neither is easily offended by the other which helps to foster intimacy between the two. In this match, both partners feel they have full permission to be themselves and follow their own drumbeat.


4:5 The Downward Spiral

Different needs for time together and time apart can trigger misunderstandings and an environment for the downward spiral. Individualist (4)s follow the rhythm of the emotional world and as such, are more spontaneous. They operate from instinct and intuition. This can be confusing and off-putting for their Investigator (5), who feels secure when outings and events are carefully planned. With tightening defenses, both partners polarize, the Individualist (4) interpreting the Investigator (5)’s containment as rejection, and the Investigator (5) interpreting the Individualist (4)’s emotional intensity as threatening.


Individualist (4)s may feel analyzed rather than understood, observed rather than treated with empathy. Individualists can feel frustrated at the amount of time it takes for their Investigator (5) to respond when a situation calls for action, and they can take the Investigator (5)’s boundaried approach to life as rejection.


In contrast, Investigator (5)s can begin to see their Individualist (4) partner as draining and demanding. They experience their Individualist (4) as acting irrationally and immaturely. The Investigator (5) may start to question the Individualist (4)’s stability, which can feel threatening to the Investigator and cause them to retreat more.


As the downward spiral gains momentum, the Investigator (5) retreats more into self containment and hard-managed boundaries, triggering feelings of abandonment, neediness and emotional chaos for the Individualist (4). The cycle continues, and the relationship can get into loop of unmet needs that may ultimately end in a breakup.



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