Individualist (4) with Peacemaker (9)

4:9 When In Balance

The Individualist (4) and Peacemaker (9) can be an accepting, soothing healing match who find a deep enjoyment from shared time together. The foundation of the relationship is a combination of support and allowing one another personal freedom to pursue their own goals and interests. Both enjoy the shared harmony they create together. Peacemaker (9)s are steady, reliable, solid, dependable, inclusive and accepting. They don’t get blown off course by the emotional storms of their Individualist (4), and this is very grounding for their partner.


Individualist (4)s bring rich expressiveness and intensity to the dynamic, helping to wake up the Peacemaker (9) and adding color to the dynamic. The Individualist (4) adds emotional electricity to the house ensuring issues gets discussed and important topics aren’t swept under the rug. This is very balancing for the more avoidant Peacemaker (9) This couple can share a deep, intense, intimate connection with each other.



4:9 The Downward Spiral

While their differences can be balancing, they can also be a source of frustration between these two partners. The mellow, easygoing Peacemaker (9) may experience the Individualist(4)’s focus on the emotional world as relentless and extreme, disrupting the harmonious environment the Peacemaker (9) strives hard to create. And the Peacemaker (9)’s tendency to resist change and maintain the status quo can be frustrating to the Individualist (4) who is on a never-ending quest in search of self. As defenses tighten, both partners polarize in opposite directions.


As the Individualist (4) demands more engagement and attention, the Peacemaker (9) begins to stonewall and withdraw. This further triggers the Individualist (4) who turns up the emotional volume and becomes more temperamental and explosive. As the downward spiral gains momentum, the Peacemaker (9) becomes more unresponsive, stubborn, disengaged and distant. Energetically, it is like an unstoppable force meets and immovable object.


Alternatively, the Individualist (4) may become frustrated with the Peacemaker (9)’s avoidant behavior and withdraw either physically or emotionally themselves, further weakening the bond. Unless something breaks the momentum of separation, the relationship may end.

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