Leader (8) with Leader (8)

8:8 When In Balance

Two Leader (8)s bring energy, passion, directness, intensity and resourcefulness to the relationship. There is an unstoppable quality to this pair.


Both partners are strong-willed, independent, decisive and resilient. Like a veteran team going into combat, they are inspired by each other and also feel a sense of safety and security. They correctly sense the other has their back which frees them up to focus on external goals and achievement. They have high trust and confidence in each other, something Leader (8)s offer to a precious few. This allows them to come together with more vulnerability, strengthening the bond they already share. Communication between two Leader (8)s is generally direct and clear with no hidden meaning or subterfuge. At their best, this is a powerful, passionate, loving couple.


8:8 The Downward Spiral

The intensity that makes two Leader (8)s a powerful couple can also be what tears this pair apart. Issues of trust and control usually mark the beginning of the downward spiral and once breaches of trust enter the relationship, it can be hard to repair.


With tightening defenses, Leader (8)s become more controlling, more demanding and more uncompromising. Rational thought is clouded by intense emotion, and Leader (8)s who feel threatened typically go on the offense. Because both partners have an aggressive stress response, it can be difficult to de-escalate disputes. Fights can spiral out of control as backing down feels like defeat. Issues stop being about the issue itself as fear of vulnerability governs the picture. In this environment, behavior can become vindictive and threatening. Unless there is some mechanism for de-escalation, this partnership may end in fiery flames.


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