Loyalist (6) with Enthusiast (7)

6:7 When In Balance

When understanding and accepting of their differences, the Loyalist (6) and the Enthusiast (7) can make a charming, successful and balancing couple. Both types are future-oriented, verbal and enjoy entertaining each other with colorful stories and lively debate. Their habit of attention points in opposite ways and when self-aware, they use this difference as an asset. The unbridled enthusiasm of the Enthusiast (7) and the cautious discernment of the Loyalist (6) balance each other with the Enthusiast (7)’s eyes looking up at the stars and the Loyalist (6)’s feet planted firmly on the ground.


The Loyalist (6) brings a cautious, methodical approach to life. They carefully plan and analyze potential future outcomes always with an eye for danger and pitfalls. They model commitment, discipline, reliability, loyalty, duty, realistic thinking and danger awareness. The Enthusiast (7) may come to rely on these traits and may feel even more emboldened to try new things with their Loyalist (6) at their side.


The Enthusiast (7) offers enthusiasm, expansive thinking, high spirits, a positive outlook, adventure and a constant source of new ideas. They can be decisive and action-oriented. As they aren’t encumbered by a fear of failure, they model resilience and boldness, traits which are refreshing for the Loyalist (6) to witness.


This couple genuinely enjoys each other’s company. They find their differences as points of intrigue and balance and offer steady, loyal support to each other. Their affection towards each other is observable, and this can be a sweet, charming and successful match.


6:7 The Downward Spiral

The radically different habits of attention of these two types can become a weakness in lower states of self-awareness. When unaccepting of their different worldviews, this couple starts to polarize, and the downward spiral is triggered. Loyalist (6)s are focused on security and seek a safe, predictable future. Anxiety is often part of their daily experience and to reduce their anxiety, they take proactive steps to eliminate or minimize perceived threats to their security. They seek to keep their feet firmly grounded on the earth and their eyes scanning for what could go wrong.


Enthusiast (7)s look at the world differently. Their focus goes to trying new things, exploring the unknown and keeping an upbeat, positive attitude. They believe all things are possible and are not particularly interested in hearing about problems or limitations with their ideas and plans. They can be impatient, impulsive and avoidant. This avoidance triggers stress in the Loyalist (6), making them ratchet up their caution and concern about what could go wrong. The downward spiral gains momentum as the Enthusiast (7) sees their Loyalist (6) as negative, fearful and overly cautious. And in turn the Loyalist (6) seems their Enthusiast (7) as avoidant, escapist and dangerously unrealistic. Each polarizes further into their corner, triggering the other even more. Both may begin to doubt a happy future with the other as the relationship falters. Without a break in the downward momentum, the relationship may end.


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