Many people ask me about my diet and what I eat so I’m outlining it here with the hope you might find something that you can apply to your own situation. As a disclaimer, I’m not a nutritionist, a dietitian, or a doctor. I’m just a yoga instructor.. 🙂 I will say I have more energy now than I had in my 20’s and my mood is generally happy.  I think a big part of that has to do with my diet.


I also think it is important to say that I believe every human body is different and there isn’t a “one size fits all” diet. Your body is influenced by genetics, environment, lifestyle, stress levels, and age. You and I might eat the exact same diet with different results. You will need to tune into your own body to figure out what works. That said, regarding what I personally eat, here it goes…


I’m an incredibly repetitive eater so I have a few basic dishes I cycle through every week.

  • For lunch I usually eat basic tomato sauce I make myself. It’s easy and full of nutrients.  Buckwheat pasta has a totally different nutritional profile than regular whole wheat pasta and it’s gluten free. I find I have more energy when I don’t eat wheat.  Then I eat one serving of this raw fudge.

I make the Life Changing Loaf of Bread at least once a week and eat that throughout the week.  Probably once a week I experiment with a new recipe and if I really like it, I’ll add it into the rotation.

My food goals are always the same—high nutrients, low to no sugar/fructose.

A few other things that work for me:

  • When I eat out, I’m relaxed about my diet but when I’m home, I’m very strict. I find this balance lets me enjoy my life and still eat well.
  • I think white sugar is poison and don’t even want it in the house.
  • I haven’t eaten meat since I was a teenager though I do eat fish. I think most of us can be quite healthy on a vegetarian or pescatarian diet.
  • I’m not Paleo but I’ve been going gluten and grain free more and more and that’s working really well for me. I seem to have more energy with less wheat.
  • I have found that my body is really sensitive to sugar and fructose so I keep to a really low fructose diet. You can learn more about a low fructose diet here.  And the interesting thing I learned is that my thoughts are different when I don’t eat sugar.  I’m happier, less irritable and don’t think about the past/worry about the future as much on a low sugar/fructose diet. Who knew?  🙂
  • I drink the juice from at least 3-4 lemons a day (I just squeeze the lemons into regular water and drink it). I also drink lots and lots of water…
  • I’ve learned my particular body is not sensitive to caffeine. This is probably because I was severely asthmatic when I was young and took theophylline every day for years (essentially I had caffeine pumped into my body to manage my asthma). One consequence is caffeine doesn’t have a big effect on me. I can easily drink coffee and go to sleep immediately afterwards. I point this out just to illustrate how each body is different. The common guidance is to avoid caffeine and while I agree with that as a general guideline, with my body it doesn’t seem to matter much.

I hope this helps!  Some general guidelines that I imagine apply to almost all of us:

–avoid white sugar and white flour. They aren’t good for you.

–focus on high nutrient food.

–drink lots of water.

–figure out your own body.  🙂

If anyone reading lives in Athens and is having trouble finding the ingredients you need, feel free to email me at lynn@lynnroulo.com. I constantly add to the recipes page so check back for updates.

thanks for reading!