FAQ for the Acropolis Roof Deck

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help make your visit to the Acropolis Roof Deck more enjoyable…


1) Why isn’t the address published?
The address is not published because this is not a public space. It is my home. We take the regular precautions with the exact location.  We have an open door policy but we ask you to register in advance. Upon registration, we will send you the location details.


2) I’ve registered but I haven’t yet received the confirmation. What should I do?
The registration process is not automated, and we process registrations once per day. If 24 hours have passed, and you haven’t received your confirmation, please check your SPAM folder. If no registration is there, please message us directly including the email address you used to register.
Please make sure to register at least 24 hours in advance. Last minute registrations may or may not be processed…


3)  Are there any special rules I should know?


a) I live with a dog and two cats. If you are violently allergic to cats, this might not be the class for you (they are generally allowed to walk through the classes). I also ask that you take extra caution as you leave that none of my pets follow you out. They are very social and adventurous.  🙂


b) Please, please, please turn off your phones for the class! It is extremely disruptive when phones go off or when you stop mid class to take a photo. There is plenty of time for photos after class. Please make sure your phone is switched OFF during the class.


4) Are there changing rooms?
There are no changing rooms.  My home has one single bathroom that must be shared by all visitors. We ask that whenever possible, you change before coming.



5) Is the class free?
No, it is donation-based. Donation-based means you give what you want and can afford. I do this because I think of Kundalini Yoga as medicine, and I want to make sure everyone has access to it.  That said, yogically there should always be an equal exchange so you can donate what feels appropriate to you.



6) What if it rains or if it is very cold?
This is an exposed, open roof deck so please dress appropriately. We hold classes rain or shine and in all types of conditions.  Please dress appropriately and use your judgement if you are concerned about your health.



We love the community that has formed around these classes, and we look forward to having you join us!

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