What Can a Daily Meditation Practice Do For Me?

Lots of people ask “why meditate?”  The reasons are profound and wide-ranging, but I’ll start by answering a simpler question: “what is meditation?”


What is Meditation?
Meditation is a practice using various techniques to become deeply present, to direct your focus, and to develop mental clarity, emotional calm, and stability.  The fundamental idea is that our mind generates millions of thoughts each day and at least 80 percent of these thoughts are repetitive and useless. Our untrained minds are inefficient, and we waste time and lose energy thinking about meaningless things.


A daily meditation practice is a way to make your thinking more efficient and effective, resulting in greater mental focus and emotional balance. Just as your body needs exercise to be toned, your mind needs meditation to be trained. Do you have thoughts that you’d like to stop thinking about? Meditation can help you do that.


There are lots of different meditation techniques, and it is important to find the one that is right for you. There are silent meditations, guided meditations, and meditation techniques that ask you to chant or to hold specific mudras (hand positions). Experimenting with different techniques is an important part of your meditation journey. Too many people start with a technique that isn’t ideal for them and give up too soon. That almost happened to me. Read the full post on YogaToday.

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