Enneagram Survey

Updated as of April 15, 2018

As some of you know, I’m writing a second book combining Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram.  This book is focused on the Enneagram in intimate relationships.

As part of the content for this book, I’m surveying all 45 of the Enneagram type combinations from each perspective (so 81 perspectives in total).  The good news is I have over 90% of the perspectives already. The less good news is I still have a few left…  🙂

I’m asking for help locating some type combinations I’m currently missing. If you know the Enneagram and are or have been in a relationship with someone whose Enneagram type you know, I would love to include you in this survey.

I’m open to people in all type combinations but specifically I’m looking for the types below.  Gender orientation doesn’t matter. Age doesn’t matter.  Length of the relationship is also flexible.  You can also comment on a past relationship.

If you are interested in participating, please email me at lynn@lynnroulo.com. Thank you in advance!

Type Combinations I Am Actively Seeking:

  • Achiever/Type 3 with Peacemaker/Type 9 (Type 9 will take the survey)
  • Artist/Type 4 with Perfectionist/Type 1 (Type 1 will take the survey)
  • Enthusiast/Type 7 with Loyalist/Type 6 (Type 6 will take the survey)


  • Helper/Type 2 with Loyalist/Type 6 (Type 6 will take the survey)**
  • Achiever/Type 3 with Loyalist/Type 6  (Achiever/Type 3 will take the survey)**
  • Enthusiast/Type 7 with Peacemaker/Type 9 (Type 9 will take the survey)**


**I am seeking supplemental data to existing survey responses

Do you want to go on a Greek holiday?  Join me in Sifnos Island from June 16-22 or in Paros Island from Sept 1-7.  These holiday incorporate the Enneagram and KundalinI Yoga.  Kundalini Yoga is a simple, powerful yoga that can be practiced by people of all different physical abilities. All are welcome.