Joy: Tousa Botsari 10

This 50-meter apartment is on Tousa Botsari 10 (corner of Veikou 73) in Koukaki.  It is a 3-minute walk to the Sygrou-Fix metro and a 7-minute walk to the Acropolis metro.


The apartment is called “Joy” and was renovated in 2017. It has a private entrance and a single, interior set of stairs to walk up to enter the apartment.  The space has one bedroom, a living room with a semi-balcony, a comfortable-sized bedroom with a back balcony, and an efficient kitchen that can have two people dine in, and a compact bathroom with a washing machine.  It is ideal for a single person or a couple. This apartment can be rented furnished or unfurnished.


The bathroom was redone in January, 2020 so it is brand new. It has a modern, enclosed “American-style” shower, marble countertops and a washing machine.  It is compact and efficient.


The bedroom includes a small, sunny balcony and gets a lot of natural light.


The kitchen was part of the 2017 renovation and has marble countertops, a stove and a dishwasher.


The living room has a couch and a chair that convert to beds (you can sleep up to three people in the living room if you have people visiting).  The room also has a flat-screen TV.


The bedroom and living room both have air conditioning units. The heating is centralized (controlled by the building) but the apartment is generally a comfortable apartment. Each room also has a space heater if you want heat during the non-building regulated hours.


The apartment comes with high-speed internet (VSDL) and basic cable.


The monthly rental fee is 550 euros. The apartment is available furnished or unfurnished. This includes water, internet and shared building expenses. This does not include DEA. This is a pet-friendly unit. If you want to bring a dog or a cat, that is fine with us.  🙂


To schedule a viewing, please email me at

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