Amaryllis Fragos

1)    Name:  My name is Amaryllis. It’s an ancient Greek name. Amaryllis was an Amadryad in the Greek mythology. Amadryads were a particular type of nymphs, born bonded to a certain tree. If the tree died, the amadryad associated with it died as well. For that reason, dryads and the gods punished any mortals who harmed trees. I like that concept. Amaryllis is also a name designating a flower, as well as a minor planet orbiting the Sun (1085 Amaryllis).

2)  Lives in: Nea Erythrea, a northern suburb of Athens.

3)  From: Greece

4)  Occupation/professional training:   I am a marketing communications freelancer. I work on diverse projects, ranging from social media campaigns to corporate events.

5)  First three jobs (ever!):

My first job was babysitting, back when I was a teenager. Later, as a university student in Paris, I worked as a promoter (flyers, conventions, etc), and then as a clothing shop assistant in the chic Parisian neighborhood Passy. After that, it got “serious” because I started having jobs in the corporate world.

6) Zodiac sign: Leo

7)  Enneagram number: Type 8, the Protector/Challenger

8) What you love about Greece?

It is my home country, and I guess this means a lot to me because I felt compelled to come back here after studying and working in France. I love the sun, sea, red juicy tomatoes, aromas, landscape, friends and family… Even when completely broke, you can still enjoy small pleasures and not feel lost. That said, Greece can drive me completely nuts at times.

9)  Something most people don’t know about you

When I was very little, I dreamt about becoming an astronaut and explore our galaxy. A bit later, I realized that the galaxy was not an option yet and that our space travel technology was too primitive and not ready for me.

10)  Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga?

You can find me at the Full moon yoga events! The energy is so soothing!  I’ve also been a panelist for the Enneagram Ultimate Cocktail Party.  🙂

11)  First time you tried Kundalini Yoga (where/when/with whom)?

With Lynn, of course! At the very first Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga Paros Retreat, 2 years ago. Lynn’s great classes, amazing people from all over the world, beautiful setting, all this made it a wonderful experience.

12)  Anything else you’d like us to know?

I have been a zombie for an indie British horror film! And that, because I run several projects with In Case Of, a small company which modifies real-size fire emergency cabinets with “necessary” equipment against supernatural disasters, like a zombie outbreak, a vampire invasion, a werewolf attack, etc. How cool is that? Check them out at


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