Asteri is an adorable eight-month old female cat with stunning gold eyes who is seeking her forever home.  She’s sweet, playful, affectionate, and very human-oriented. Asteri travels well (a rare trait in cats!) and if you travel a lot, she would like nothing more than to be your travel buddy.

Asteri has been bullied by other cats so she needs to be placed either as an only cat or in a situation where she’s fully accepted by the other pets in the home. Because she is so social and people-oriented, her ideal home is one where she can spend lots of time with her human companion(s).

Asteri was rescued from the streets of Corfu and came to Athens for a better life.  Her rescuer Dorotea *loves* her but the bullying issue is continuing with Dorotea’s three cats and poor Asteri is suffering. Somewhere out there is the perfect home for Asteri.

Are you looking for a special black and white female cat to complete your home? Maybe Asteri is for you,





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