Colin Diment

Name: Colin Diment

Lives in: I currently live in the Galatsi neighborhood of Athens, Greece. I moved here about 10 months ago!

From: I’m originally from a small city called Kalamazoo, Michigan in the USA. I have degrees from the University of Michigan and Mississippi State University, so I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan for about 5 years and Starkville, Mississippi for 2 years. As an adult I lived in Los Angeles, California for 2 years and San Diego, California for 6 years. Of all of those, San Diego feels the most like home to me (at least in the USA).

Occupation: I’m an entrepreneur who wears many hats, but the short answer is that I am a healer. I help people prevent and recover from injuries, get out of pain, perform better in sports, and build a deeper connection with their body. In practice, I’m essentially a massage therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and sports psychologist rolled into one šŸ™‚

I’ve worked with well over 100 Olympians from all over the world, as well as many athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, USA Rugby, and professional Crossfit. I also worked for the Los Angeles Lakers organization and received a ring from their 2020 NBA Championship.

In addition to that, I’m the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called Live Happii Retreats. We take people on holistic health and wellness retreats around the world!

Tell us your first three jobs (ever!):
My first three jobs EVER?
-I was a dishwasher for about 2 weeks šŸ™‚
-I worked at a golf course for 3 years in high school (washing golf carts, general maintenance, etc). That is a GREAT job as a teenager, let me tell you.
-I was very fortunate that my first “real” job out of college was as the head athletic trainer (physiotherapist) for USA Track and Field at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego, California. I was the main sports medicine provider for about 30 of the best athletes in the world (basically my dream job!).

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Enneagram type: I am new to the Enneagram so it is an unfolding process. IĀ  am exploring Type 6…

What do you love about Greece? There’s a lot, but here are a few things:

-I LOVE the climate, the weather, and the landscape. Having access to both the mountains and the beach, so much sun and warmth, it feels like being in California to me. And road trips in Greece are incredible! Driving from Athens to Thessaloniki was some of the most beautiful driving I’ve ever done.

-I love that fresh, local food grows here, and that you see so many fruit trees walking around the city. Just outside my apartment is a fig tree, a pomegranate tree, oranges, lemons, olives, etc. Lately I’ve been eating homemade fig jam with figs straight from the tree… it always makes me so happy! I also love laiki (I just recently learned that’s what it’s called)… buying a week’s worth of fresh food for less than 20 euros is always SO mind-blowing to me.

-I absolutely LOVE Greek food. Gyros, souvlaki, pastitsio, moussakas, choriatiki, Greek olives, Greek tomatoes, freddo cappuccinos, and on and on. Food in Greece is probably the best in the world.

-I love how delightfully inefficient Greece is! I love that almost everything shuts down on Sundays. I love that the whole country seems to go dormant in August. I love that people disappear to the islands for long weekends. It’s so much more peaceful, low-stress, and laid back than life in the USA.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I am semi-secretly a writer and have a good portion of a book written. I will finish and publish it soon (or at least, I tell myself that!). I was also the primary editor for a recently-published book.

I also love to travel! I’ve been to about 30 countries and almost all of the 50 states… Costa Rica, Israel, and Greece are my favorites!

Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s community?
So far it’s just been night yoga, but I am also very down for SUP Yoga and anything else!

First time you tried Kundalini Yoga? I’ve done a few online Kundalini Yoga sessions, but Lynn’s classes have been my first real, in-person exposure to Kundalini Yoga.

Tell us your top tip to combat climate change: Get to know yourself better, what your purpose is, and what you truly want from life. So much of the materialism, consumerism, waste, etc in the world is because people are dissatisfied with life and think that buying more stuff, doing more, traveling more, acquiring more, eating more, being more will make them happy.

Whether as an individual or at a national or corporate level, if you’re not happy, healthy, and at peace with yourself RIGHT NOW, “more” is not going to bring you peace/happiness (at least not for very long!).

Anything else you’d like us to know?: I work with clients both in-person and virtually (most of my current clients are based in the USA). My virtual appointments are much more powerful and impactful than you might expect šŸ™‚ So whether you’re in Athens or anywhere else in the world, feel free to reach out if you need help getting out of pain, recovering from injury, or simply using your body better!

Also reach out if you’d like to go to a yoga class, hit the gym, go to the beach, a museum, or on a hike, or just get a coffee and have deep conversations about life!

I’m most active on Instagram (@colindiment) but I’m also available on WhatsApp (+1 2697201075) or at If you read this far, send me a message and say hi!

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