Dimitris Xirogiannis

1)  Name:  Dimitris Xirogiannis


2)  Lives in: Neos Kosmos (Athens), Greece


3)  From: Athens, Greece (I don’t look like a Greek though..)


4)  Occupation/employer: Ι work at Athens by Bike!— a company that organizes bike tours in Athens. A bike tour is, perhaps, the best way to discover any city and I’m happy that I’m able to share my passion about Athens every day with visitors from all over the world! You can check it out: http://www.athensbybike.gr/


5)  First three jobs (ever!):  I was a delivery boy (with my bicycle!) which was something special, I have worked as a lifeguard in many beaches in Greece and I have been working as a freelancer massage therapist!


6) Zodiac sign:  Cancer


7) Enneagram type:  tbd…


8) What you love about Athens or Greece in general:  Athens, and Greece in general, is a mixture of amazing things: the history, the sun, the food… That last one is perhaps my favorite, but I could never stop naming things I love about my city/country!


9)  Something most people don’t know about you: Let’s keep it that way..


10)  Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga (i.e. SUP Yoga, night yoga, etc.):  Night yoga at the roof deck, although it has been a while…


11)  First time you tried Kundalini Yoga? Summer 2013 at the famous roof deck with Lynn! My first experience with yoga, though, was in 2011 with my aunt Mary Varnava.


12)  Anything else you’d like us to know?  Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work, find a hobby that you love and there will be no more murk.






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