Elena Tsalikidou

Name: Elena Tsalikidou

Lives in: Nea Smyrni, Greece (greater Athens)

From: Nea Smyrni, Greece (greater Athens)

Occupation:  Almost anything related to dogs.  :-).  I’m a dog trainer, an agility coach, a dog groomer, and I breed Shar-Peis. Dogs are my passion.

Tell us your first three jobs (ever!): At 15 years old, I worked in a pet store in Nea Smyrni. Then I worked at a veterinary clinic and later doing dog training.

Zodiac: Leo

What do you love about Greece? So many things I love but two of my top things are the  Greek sea in summer and the villages with rivers in the spring!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?  I have a tattoo of my first dog, a Shar-pei named Sara on the back of my right shoulder.  While I grew up with family dogs, this was the first dog that was really mine.  She is actually how I became a dog trainer because she started biting me (hard!), and I had to learn how to make her stop.  She taught me so many things about dog psychology.

Where will we find you in Lynn’s community?  Training Lynn and Andromeda (and anyone else who wants some help getting their dog to behave better).

Top tip to combat climate change?  Don’t leave trash, minimize consumption whenever possible, be mindful of your water usage.

Anything else you’d like us to know?  If anyone would like help with your dog, please feel free to reach out!  I love helping people have better relationships with their dogs, and a lot of behavior can be easily corrected once you understand what is going on in the mind of your canine companion. I serve as the translator and instructor.  🙂 You can learn more and contact me here or call me at +30 6979886321.


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