Eric Enders

Name: Eric


Lives in: Oakland, California in the United States


From: I was born in Wisconsin and lived in the very northern part of the state before moving to Green Bay when I was 7 years old. For those not familiar with the US Midwest, Wisconsin is just north of Chicago along Lake Michigan to the east and Lake Superior to the north. The winters are cold and the summers are hot and humid, but it’s a nice place to grow up with lots of forests and lakes.
We have deep-fried cheese curds as our regional dish! They’re definitely worth a side trip if you ever happen to be staying in Chicago.


What is your job/occupation? : I work in digital product management for eCommerce at Nike. Product managers sit between business teams and technology teams to build features and functionality to help drive the business.
When you purchase something on a website, there’s a product management team behind that experience that has optimized every word and design element on each screen to move you quickly through the purchase process and has integrated with payment, tax, and fraud vendors to ensure your transaction is secure. Product managers also help make sure the inventory and delivery process works–so when you buy those Converse shoes online, my team is part of that.  🙂



Tell us your first three jobs (ever!):  First I was a paper boy delivering newspapers throughout my neighborhood, then I was a cashier at the bakery Au Bon Pain, and then an ice cream scooper at Herrell’s Ice Cream.  I won’t say I had talent at any of them but Herrell’s was my favorite.  🙂



Zodiac sign?: Leo


Enneagram type (if you know it)?: Self-preservation Type 4, the Individualist



What do you love about Athens or Greece in general? I love sitting in a taverna on a summer evening with a group of friends and a carafe (or two) of white wine eating Horiatiki, Saganaki, and Dakos off of shared plates. The warm air and the genuine warmth of the Greek people create such a lovely experience. The best is when the owner brings a carafe (or two) of Rakomelo and sits down to talk with you at the end of the meal.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I started my career as a classical musician. I play viola (which is like a large violin) and was quite serious until about age 26.


Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: At the Paros Yoga holiday where I will be in just a few weeks!



The first time you tried Kundalini Yoga: My first class was with Lynn early on in her teaching career in San Francisco.


Tell us your top tip to combat climate change: Electric cars are a pretty solid choice these days.


Anything else you’d like us to know?: My favorite part of Lynn’s newsletter is reading about the community and seeing the amazing stories of each person’s life.


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