Erin B.

Name: Erin


Lives in: Chicago, USA. I hope to move to Greece by the end of the year.


From: I was born in Chicago and have lived here my entire life.


Occupation: I am a certified health and life coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and have done training in herbalism, functional nutrition and energy healing.


First three jobs (ever!): My first job was babysitting, I made pretty good money and saved up to buy a video camera by the time I was 10 years old (back when a video camera cost  at least $1,000). My first real job was at an animal hospital cleaning the kennels after business hours. My second job was at an artsy video store with my best friend, which was super fun because we were obsessed with movies and got to watch some really hard to find cult and foreign films.


Zodiac sign: Capricorn Sun sign, Virgo rising, Scorpio Moon


Enneagram type: Peacemaker, 9



What do you love about Greece? Last year I spent a lot of time on Andros island and Crete. I feel there is something simple and free about the way of life that feels right to me. I love the rugged landscapes and the Mediterranean sea. I love hiking the walking trails, the native plants,  animal life and old ruins. I spent some time in Athens and enjoyed the vibrant culture and history, and of course the food.  🙂  My favorite things have to do with the timelessness and peacefulness of the island and just the immense natural beauty that stays in my heart and inspires me, even when I’m away. I feel spending time there has created a new world for me in many ways. The island gave me an experience of myself that I never knew before and that I want to know more. This relationship with Greece is what magnetizes me to return.



Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I always wished I had a sister


Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga? Online classes so far! I hope to come take a class on her roof deck this year 🙂



The first time you tried Kundalini Yoga: In 2009 I went to a Kundalini class with someone I met from a Bikram class. The teacher’s name was Savitree, and the class was at a very eclectic yoga studio called Heaven Meets Earth. Savitree did not wear a white turban or look like a Kundalini teacher. The kriya she taught was really challenging, and we did dancing and singing mantra with music, it was totally different yoga experience for me. I felt high afterwards.



Tell us your top tip to combat climate change: My tip would be to pay attention to every choice you make. Keep the awareness that everything is connected and continually educate yourself. Live from love and gratitude and respect for life. Eating less meat and minimizing plastic packaging is a place to start.


Anything else you’d like us to know?: I’m currently working on the paperwork to come to Greece. I plan to live on Andros so if anyone from the community is from that area, I would love to connect.  🙂