Frederik Coene


Name: Frederik Coene

Lives in: Currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine, but moving to Bali in September!!!!

From: I was born and raised in Veurne, a small city in the west of Belgium.

Occupation: I am a diplomat working for the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine. I’m Head of Cooperation, which means I am in charge of a team of 50 people managing all EU-funded development cooperation projects in the country. Logically, the war has made our work even more important.

In my free time, I am researching and writing about new areas related to the Enneagram. I’ve spent a lot of time during the past 4-5 years trying to understand how type, instinct, and level of development impact our sexual experience. In the future, I hope to run a similar research project that looks at how type, instinct and level of development influence our perception and experience of ‘spirituality’. As I’m taking a two-year sabbatical very soon, I hope to be able to spend more time on this.

Tell us your first three jobs (ever!): As a student I worked in a restaurant and did all possible types of jobs there. My first ‘real’ job was as a humanitarian aid working in Ingushetia-Chechnya. After a bit more than a year, I got another job in development cooperation in Abkhazia, a breakaway region in Georgia.

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Enneagram type: Type 6… I thinkย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you love about Greece: I’ve only been to Greece once, but I loved the weather in autumn ๐Ÿ™‚

Tell us something most people don’t know about you: As a kid, I used to play the clarinet. I participated in some CD recordings and was part of semi-professional group that performed three times in the US.

Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s community? Observing yoga! I tried yoga for a few months, but found it hard to get motivated, but I enjoy watching people in those weird positions. You also might have seen me on the Type 6 panel in June.

Tell us your top tip to combat climate change: Reduce mobility by 95%… (but not sure that with our current levels of consciousness that is very feasible)

Anything else you’d like us to know:
I’m always happy to communicate with people who share similar ideas, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me at


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