Jennifer Bailey

Name: Jennifer Bailey
Lives in: I’ve been living in Athens, Greece for almost one year.
From: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but moved to San Diego, California for about 7 years when I was 18. I’ve lived in Reno, Nevada sporadically. Prior to moving to Greece, I lived in Washington, D.C. for a year.
What is your occupation: I’m a research fellow at the National Observatory of Athens within their Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development. In my job, I focus on air quality, impacts to health and policy implications. My schooling is in environmental science and climate science and policy, and I’ve jumped around a lot – looking at pesticides, heat waves, wildfires, international environmental assessments.
Tell us your first three jobs (ever!): My first job was as a lifeguard at a pool in my neighborhood, which then morphed into running the kids camp and teaching swimming lessons. Also, I was big into babysitting in high school. My third job was running the piano lab in the Music Department at my college.
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Enneagram type: The Loyalist/Skeptic, Type 6
What Do You Love About Greece?  Well first off, I love Greek food. It’s what I miss most when I’m away. I also love the coffee culture and that fresh-squeezed orange juice is cheap and plentiful (plus no weird sugar added)! In the summer, the accessibility to islands is amazing. I enjoy that Greeks really take vacation seriously. It’s something I’ve been trying to embody – to let go of stress and just refuse to worry about things on the weekend/vacation/outside of work. Greece has so much to offer in terms of beaches, sea, mountains, islands, forests, etc. – I’m trying to explore it all while I’m here. Oh, also koukoubenias (bite-size baklava-like dessert) are the best.
Tell Us Something Most People Don’t Know About You: I’m a classically trained pianist!
Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: Earlier this month I went to the Winter Swim. 🙂  I’d love to try out the Salt Cave to do SUP Yoga when it’s warmer.
First time you tried Kundalini Yoga: I first went to a Kundalini class in San Diego, and I had no idea what it was! It was at a studio called Cosmic Flow in my old neighborhood.
Tell Us Your Top Tip To Combat Climate Change: Well – being mindful in all areas of your life is the best way to start living a more environmentally conscious life. But reduce waste (try to bring reusable water bottles/coffee cups/bags with you), buy less (in all areas), and travel by foot/public transport more. Getting involved is important to help people learn about what is going on, how humans are impacting climate, and to make changes in our lives and in society that help reduce that impact. Connecting with nature is a sure-fire way for me to be inspired about being a steward for this Earth. It really is amazing and makes you feel grateful to be on it. I could go on and on about this so just hit me up if you wanna talk more about it!
Anything else you’d like us to know?: I also have my 200hour Vinyasa yoga teacher certification! I’m finally going to try to start teaching soon!

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