Pete Sarandon

Name:  Pete Sarandon

Lives in: Koukaki  – close to Filipappou Hill, and of course rooftop Kundalini yoga with Lynn

From:   England – Yorkshire via Berkshire, Suffolk and London

Occupation:  Massage Therapist and hot yoga teacher. They’re my passion. I also do book-keeping and accounting which nourish the soul rather less but feeds the body!

I have a small massage and rehab business here in Athens called Eden Tree Bodywork that I’m developing at the moment, looking for premises but based at home for now. I aim to help athletes, sports people, and yogis alike as well providing relief and relaxation for all. My focus is on spinal health which is aided massively with yoga

Zodiac sign:  Aries

Enneagram type: Type 3, the Achiever

What do you love about Greece?

First up, would be the people. The vibrancy and friendliness I have encountered since moving here constantly amazes me. Of course you can’t complain about the weather and the food, even for a vegan! And I’m so fortunate to live close to Acropolis – I’m very drawn by to it and pinch myself on a regular basis to ensure im really here!

Tell us something we don’t know about you: I used to ride racehorses for a living

First time you tried Kundalini yoga: It was with Lynn on the wonderful rooftop, bathed in evening sun in the shadow of Acropolis and an astounding experience. The hour flew by and even though I teach breathing techniques including Somatic breathing, I was blown away by how deeply I got into my own body in the meditation. Amazing.

Anything else you’d like us to know: I am keen to be working with fitness industry professionals, so open to discussing collaborations, shared/take over space and ideas. I can be found on Facebook and Instagram as Eden Tree Bodywork (brand new pages under development).




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