Tom Johansen

Name: Tom Johansen

Lives in: In Winter, I mostly live in Spain, in Costa del Sol just west of Málaga , and in Summer I live in Norway, by a fjord just south of Oslo.

From: I was born at a midwife’s small house in the village of Svelvik by the fjord leading to the port town Drammen in Norway.

Occupation: I’m a fortunate othium eater, also called retired. 🙂 My training and vocational life was in the graphic arts industry, as a printer, teacher, team leader and project manager for forty years.

Tell us your first three jobs (ever!): My first job was in Summer picking strawberries getting backache and sunburns and a few kroner.  🙂
The second endeavour into the real life workplace was operating a machine rolling toilet paper– an unglamorous job that only lasted through a Christmas holiday school break. For my third job, after having done my one year mandatory military service, I had a full-time voluntary engagement working with underprivileged within a Christan outreach.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Enneagram type: Type Nine, the Peacemaker with a one wing, social, self pres and sexual blind instincts.

What do you love about Greece?
I’m thankful to the Greek culture that brought old wisdom to Europe and introduced modern science to the world.

Living in the cold North of  Norway, I enjoy going to “syden” (the South), to Greece, which I’ve also done with pleasure and some sunburns.

I’ve enjoyed Athens and how it has really cleaned up in over the years– it’s beauty, feeling and visualizing the historical bravura while walking the streets. The islands! Wow! The crystal clear turquoise water! Wow! I’ve enjoyed Kreta, Sciatos, Karpatos, Sitnos and Halkidiki. Lovely!

Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I’m easily touched by beauty, classical music, a friendly gesture, human connection and children playing and laughing which often chokes and tears me up.

Anything else you’d like us to know?: Confidence is a fluffy word, but that’s the glue in our Norwegian culture. I trust my neighbor, the legal system, the free healthcare, the electoral system and the legislative and tax systems. The result being a vibrant democracy which the Greeks taught the world.

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