What Enneagram Type is Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

To state the obvious, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy hasn’t told us his Enneagram type (and probably doesn’t even know about the Enneagram) so this post is about my best guess. I might be wrong. But here’s what I think:

My guess is that 44-year old Zelenskyy is a Social Type 6  (the Loyalist) with a Type 7 wing. I am also guessing that his second stacking is Self-Preservation. In researching him, here’s what I learned:

  • Before coming to power, he was described as an unintimidating, relatable nice guy coming from the center of the Ukraine. Before his election in 2019, he was most  known as an entertainer with roles on the TV Show “Servant of the People” and  a winning contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” He’s described as likeable, funny, and entertaining.
  • In the early days of the war, the United States offered him a safe exit from the Ukraine. His response? “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.”  He wasn’t interested in leaving even though he has no illusions that his life is in grave danger. For him, his cause has greater value than his life.
  • He’s known as a team player and a workaholic, Even as an entertainer and improv comic, he took his work really seriously. And those around him have noted that even in his entertainment roles, he has always been part of something bigger than himself. It was never just about him.
  • His comedy style is in the realm of Steve Martin or, Steve Carell: over-the-top characters, heavy on punchlines and word play, but never vulgar, crass, snarky, or mean.

All of these traits point towards the Type 6 thought pattern.  His life isn’t about his own personal comfort or even his own individual achievement. He sees himself as part of a bigger picture. This fact really struck me because it was almost verbatim what one of our Type 6 panelists said in our recent workshop. Start at minute 2:00 to see what I mean.

He’s clearly got the traits of duty and loyalty. His courage is indisputable and maps to the high side of Type 6

Here is the description of the high self-mastery Type 6:

They trust their inner guidance and have faith and confidence in others. They successfully balance interdependence and independence. They exhibit strong leadership skills and are fair and courageous. They are balanced and assess risk thoroughly and accurately. Their genuineness and caring touches others. Loving, affectionate, endearing, and appealing, they have trust, duty, and reliability as core traits. Honest bonding and long-term relationships are essential. The Loyalist (6) is deeply supportive and dedicated to issues and people with which they are aligned. They are hard-working, self-sacrificing, cooperative, and idealistic in their pursuit of creating a safer and more secure world.

That sounds a lot like Zelenskyy to me. ❤️

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