“Effective Communication in Business” Training

It is no surprise that communication errors are the root of some of the most costly mistakes in the business world. From slipped schedules, undisclosed errors, to teamwide frustration and confusion, the lack of effective communication bleeds into all elements of business.


The “Effective Communication” training uncovers the seven deadliest sins of business communication and offers actionable solutions. It goes a step further and provides a framework for understanding the nine distinct communication styles that exist: what they are, how to identify them, their distortion filters and how to clearly and effectively communicate based on each person’s communication style.


The framework of this training is the Enneagram System of Personality. Described as the “GPS of wisdom,” a 2011 study by Enneagram in Business covering 72 companies, including Best Buy, Daimler-Mitsubishi, Toyota and Avon, found that using the Enneagram led to better communication and collaboration, rising sales and increase in employee engagement.


Lynn Roulo offers half-day and full-day corporate training in “Effective Communication in Business.” This is a highly interactive training with communication theory woven together with practical exercises.

Key takeaways:
– Learn the seven deadly sins of business communication
– Introduction to the Enneagram and the nine habits of attention
– Work with the nine distinct communication styles, team dynamics and distortion filters for each type.

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