January 2024 Yoga/Meditation Challenge

Day Kriya Kriya notes Meditation Meditation notes
1 Short, Sweet Set to Get Your Energy Moving 23-minute slow paced class (feels like yin yoga) to gently stretch out  your body. Meditation to Change the Ego 3-minute breathwork meditation.
2 Yoga for Strength and Stress Relief 23-minute class that combines breathwork, meditation, and physical exercises to strengthen the body. Immune Booster Meditation 3-minute meditation incorporating breath of fire to boost your immune system
3 Basic Breathwork Series 36-minute breathwork class. Meditation for Focus and Concentration 3-minute Caliber of Life meditation incorporates a 5-5-15 breathwork sequence
4 Kriya for Vitality 29-minute set to get your energy moving! Meditation to Deal with Your Own Mind 3-minute breathwork meditation to calm your mind
5 Wake Up Series 17-minute class to build energy, uses lots of breath of fire Meditation to Burn Out Anger 3-minute breathwork meditation using sitali breath to burn out anger
6 Self-Care Kriya 22-minute class that includes a body scan. Meditation for a Calm Heart 3-minute gentle meditation to connect to your own heart
7 Sun Energy Kriya 41-minute class to build energy and optimism. Ego Eradicator Meditation 3-minute breath of fire meditation
8 Awaken to the Ten Bodies Kriya 40-minute all-purpose class to energize the ten yogic bodies. Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity 3-minute breathwork meditation
9 Pranayam Series 32-minute class focused on breathwork 4-Stroke Breath for Rejuventation 3-minute meditation to revitalize the body
10 Abdominal Fitness 34-minute class focused on the core! Meditation to Harmonize with your Environment 3-minute meditation using a specific arm and hand position
11 Heart of Gold Kriya 33-minute class to connect with your heart energy Meditation to Build Energy 3-minute meditation using a specific arm position and long deep breathing.
12 Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana 38-minute class that is a mix of core strengthening and heart opening Meditation to Lower Stress and Clear Emotions from your Past 3-minute meditation using a 5-5-5 breathwork pattern
13 Spinal Flexibility Series 39-minute class to gently gentle build spinal flexibility 8-Stroke Breath to Relief Stress 3-minute meditation to relief stress
14 Kriya and Meditation to Release Fear 45-minut powerful 11- exercise practice  to remove any stuck fear you might be holding energetically in your body Meditation to Remove Fear of the Future 3-minute gentle meditation using specific mantra based music to remove fear of the future
15 Radiant Body Kriya  35-minute class to energize the body The Guru Gobind Singh Shakti Mantra Meditation 3-minute breathwork meditation to calm the mind
16 Class for Physical and Mental Vitality+ Meditation for Prosperity  36-minute class to awaken the body and attract prosperity Meditation for Prosperity  3-minute prosperity meditation
17 Feel Safe and Secure: Kriya for the First Chakra 30-minute class that cultivates feelings of calm and security Meditation for the 1st Chakra 3-minute breathwork meditation
18 Awaken Your Creativity with this class for the Second Chakra 42-minute class with some challenging exercises Meditation to Break Through Blocks 3-minute meditation using the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma mantra
19 Step into Your Power with this class for the Third Chakra 21-minute class for the navel point/abs Meditation for the Liver  3-minute meditation to strengthen/heal the liver
20 Open Your Heart with this class for the Fourth Chakra  32-minute class to open your heart Sat Kar Tar Meditation to Open the Heart 3-minute meditation using the mantra Sat Kar Tar to open the heart
21 Be Heard with this class for the Fifth Chakra 37-minute class to balance the throat chakra Wahe Guru  Meditation for the Fifth Chakra 3-minute meditation to open the throat chakra
22 Tune Into Your Intuition with this Kriya for the Sixth Chakra 28-minute class for the third eye point and intuition Meditation for the Sixth Chakra 3-minute meditation to build intuition and inner knowing
23 Connect with Universal Wisdom with this Kriya for the Seventh Chakra  31-minute class focused on the crown chakra (top of the head) Meditation for Perspective and Emotional Balance  simple 3-minute meditation to promote emotional balance
24 Strengthen Your Energetic Field with this Kriya for the Eighth Chakra 34-minute class focused on the aura. Meditation for Intuition  3-minute meditation featuring 4-stroke breath for intuition

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