I’ve written a lot about how the tools of Kundalini Yoga, the Enneagram and a clean diet have helped me make positive changes in my life. I’ve talked about how my experience maintaining a daily Kundalini Yoga practice for a decade has helped me stay stable and centered.  I’ve shared how dropping sugar and processed food changed my thoughts. You’ve read about my journey, but below I want to share the journeys of other people who have used these same tools.



40-Day Individualized Yoga Program, Online Classes
“I started to practice Kundalini Yoga in 2019 after my fiancé died very unexpectedly. I had tried yoga only a couple of times before in my life so I did not have any expectations. However, Lynn’s positivity and guidance motivated me to start. Initially, it helped me to burn out my anger that I had so much inside me because of the sudden death of my partner. I did not notice big changes in the very beginning, but the consistency was the key. After the first week, I started to see positive changes in my mind. They were small steps, but I was happy that Lynn showed me the way, and her videos were always really motivating to watch –  I never felt alone when following them. 2020 brought the coronavirus, and I am living in Spain where we are already a week into lockdown. It means that we can only go out to buy groceries, head to the pharmacy or to work. I continue my job from a home office, but it’s challenging.  I also stay alone in my flat as my roommates are stuck in another country. One thing that helps me for sure is Kundalini yoga. I have different sets to follow – to burn the anger, to remove the fear of the future, to open my heart, and I am happy that I had already discovered this tool last year because daily basis it helps me to stay calm in this madness and live in a present. I have learned that we don’t have control over a lot of things in this life, and it’s important to work with your emotions. After each class, I always feel calmer, and I feel that I have processed my feelings so they don’t get stuck inside me and grow like a snowball.  Lynn´s classes for sure have helped me to grow and without a doubt, she is this kind of a person that you are thankful for meeting during your lifetime.”  ~hh


40-Day Individualized Yoga Program, Online Classes
“My best friend started doing Kundalini yoga at a local Chicago studio about 3 years ago. She started telling me about how it reduced her anxiety and helped her create new, positive pathways in her brain that supported her health. I struggle with anxiety and am prone to panic attacks, so I’m always looking for “natural” ways to help me manage my symptoms. I found a studio near my house that did one Kundalini class a week and started attending about two years ago. Since then I’ve completed one 40-day Kundalini Yoga set, which was an awesome experience – I experienced a noticeable decrease in anxiety about 20 days into it. I’m now attempting another 40-day kriya with Lynn’s help!” ~jk


Online Yoga Classes
“I love distance yoga classes with Lynn! I live in a rather remote area, so traveling to and from a class can be time-consuming and stressful. But in a distance class, I really enjoy how simple it is to stop what I’m doing at home, unroll my mat, take a yoga break with Lynn, then go back to my daily routine feeling more grounded and aware. And the audio and video quality is so good, I feel like I’m actually there! It’s also really helped with accountability; I had tried following YouTube videos on my own, but I never followed through. Having the live class each week keeps me on track and I love how Lynn always makes me feel welcome, even through the screen!” -evk


40-Day Individualized Yoga Program
When I started Kundalini yoga I was having daily headaches, extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety following a brain injury a few months prior.  Fast forward to 40 days of daily yoga with Lynn, and everything has improved significantly. I’m now experiencing more energy, clarity, ambition, happiness, and my headaches are greatly improved.  I can’t wait for my next 40 day series!” ~ms


40-Day Yogic Cleanse
“The 40-day yogic cleanse taught me a powerful lesson in how I can change my thinking. Lynn explained how the cleanse isn’t just about changing your diet, it is training for how to break patterns. It worked! I was able to let go of the long-held belief that I “needed” coffee every morning, and I’ve made positive and lasting changes to my diet. Lynn’s program is very supportive, from the daily emails with nutrition tips and recipe suggestions to the online support group with fellow cleansers. I look forward to doing the cleanse each year now. I look at it as “change training. I also appreciate my food and even my coffee in a way I didn’t before.” ~ca


Enneagram Typing Interview
“In my experience with personality typing, the Enneagram is the only system I’ve encountered that just makes sense, and has shown itself to be a source of truth again and again. Originally skeptical, I did my typing interview with Lynn ‘just for fun’, but little did I know the impact it would have in my life – professional & personal, at all levels.
It has helped me to understand myself, my closest relationships, friends, colleagues and bosses – and helped me make changes for the better. Lynn really brings the Enneagram alive and makes the system relatable, offering her own unique and razor-sharp insights. She approaches it as a ‘tool for compassion’ – which is the best starting point of all.” ~ct


Enneagram Typing Interview
“Learning my Enneagram type has helped me tremendously to understand myself better, but also to understand how and why other people act as they do. I was worried for years that something was wrong with me.  As a Type 7 Enthusiast,  I wondered why I can’t choose a hobby and stick with it or why it’s so hard to finish a project? I would get upset when I had a new wonderful idea for a weekend, and my husband was not so excited about it or even worse, he would start to “be logical” or talk about the financial aspects.I would get upset about my boss’s behavior and not realize why he was acting as he was.  Now I try to look at it with a different perspective. People are what they are, and I use Enneagram to find the “right tools” to communicate with them. I’ve sent my mother, my sister and my husband all to Lynn for Enneagram typing interviews. I feel that knowing my type and the types of others close to e gives me a better awareness of myself and the human world around me. Better awareness is also more love and this is what we all need right now. :-)”  ~th


Enneagram Typing Interview
“I feel I’ve always known who I am, but the Enneagram gave me deeper insights into my own nature. This understanding has helped me to accept my own personality style and stop fighting against it. It has also helped me minimize my judgment of others using my own filters and has helped me to understand where other people are coming from. I had my interview with Lynn a few years ago, and I felt completely safe. It actually felt more like a conversation with a friend. She was great at guiding me so I could identify the type that best represented me. In short, the Enneagram has helped me become more empathetic, and Lynn’s interview was the first step on that journey.” ~lt


40-Day Individualized Yoga Program, Enneagram Typing Interview, Books (Headstart for Happiness and The Nine Keys)
“I’ve been on a mindfulness journey for the last five years and have read over 100 books in that timeframe that relate to mindfulness and self-growth. I stumbled on this book from Lynn’s website after I was recently introduced to the Enneagram and wanted to know which type I might best be suited for in a relationship, as she had a related blog post. And after five years of searching, I finally found my practice! I started doing the type 9 Kriya and have been doing it daily since! And I must say that the missing ingredient I had these last five years was a consistent practice. You can understand something intellectually but it isn’t until you practice it daily that real transformation happens. I also contacted Lynn directly and set-up a typing session before I had started my daily practice as I was not quite sure if I was a 4 or 9. That session helped tremendously! I’m grateful for stumbling across her website and that Kundalini yoga class. It’s not just a headstart to happiness, it’s a new life. Just remember that the seed does not instantly become the towering tree. Be patient with yourself and this practice, but show up every day.” ~dm



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