10-Day De-Clutter Challenge

September 1, 2020, we began the 10-Day De-Clutter Challenge. You can learn more here.  I’ll do a full blog post about the challenge later for but now, I offer a visual gallery of the “before and after” pictures day by day. Enjoy!



Day 1: Under the Bathroom Sink (Before/After/Discard)

Day 2: Kitchen Cabinet (Before/After/Discard)

Day 3: Wallet (Before/After)

Day 4:  Closet #1 (Before/After/Discard)

Day 5:  Bookshelf (Before/After/Discard)

Day 6: Kitchen drawers (Before/After)

Day 7: Kitchen drawers (Before/After/Discard)


Day 8:  Kitchen drawer (Before/After/Discard)

Day 9: Makeup Bag (Before/After/Discard)

Day 10: Kitchen cupboard (Before/After/Discard)