Invite Only Acropolis Roof Deck classes

We are happy to welcome you to the Acropolis Roof Deck!  While our official re-opening is June 29th, we are offering a few classes by invite only in early June. If you are getting this message, you have been invited.  🙂


In light of the new environment, we are making some changes to our class and entry process.


1) Please arrive 15-30 minutes early. For classes that start at 20:00, please arrive between 19:30-19:45. This is to ensure we have an easy flow of people moving through the house on the way up to the roof deck. We ask that you limited yourselves to two people on the stairs (both sets) at all times.


2) Please bring your own mat. Spaces will be designated with our mats, and we ask that you pick your spot and place your mat on top of ours. This is to respect social distancing rules and to make sure you have plenty of space to stretch and breathe so you can enjoy the class to its fullest.


3) Please change before arriving. You are still welcome to use the bathroom but we are trying to keep the usage to a minimum. There will be hand sanitizer in the bathroom. Please use it before exiting the bathroom to join us upstairs.



4)  We ask for a flat 5 euro donation per person per class.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you on the roof deck again! 


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