The Enneagram in Movies

Join us as we explore the Enneagram in movies.


What:  An interactive, moderated Enneagram discussion of the main characters of a different highlighted movie. This is an online series so anyone worldwide can attend.


You watch the movie before each session and come ready to discuss the characters in Enneagram terms. Each person gets 3 minutes to give their impressions of the film and their guess on the Enneagram type of the main characters. After each person goes, we’ll have a group discussion.


When:  Sunday, March 27, 2022 10:00 California/20:00 Greece


Which movies: Fyre (Netflix)


Who: You, if you’ve participated in my Enneagram online training or have worked with me on the Enneagram in the past.  If you haven’t worked with me, that’s ok too but we ask that participants have a solid understanding of the Enneagram.


How much: This is a free event.


What else: Space is limited so if you’d like to participate, register below.


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