Wellness Wednesdays

Welcome to Wellness Wednesdays!


What are Wellness Wednesdays? During this time of social distancing, we’re finding practical ways to come together as a community through a variety of “distance” events.



These events include:
March 18: Boost Your Immune System: A discussion of prebiotics and probiotics+ a demo of how to make your own fermented vegetables.
March 25: Kundalini Yoga meditations to lower stress and anxiety:  This talk features three short and simple Kundalini Yoga meditations to lower stress and anxiety.
April 1:  Distance Dining!:  We’ll come together as a community to “dine” together. We’ll send out a recipe in advance of the event, you’ll make it at home and we’ll all eat together and catch up about our weeks.  🙂 It will be fun!


April 8:  Grow Your Own Herbs at Home!:  Our community herbalist Ekstasy will share her top tips and recommendations to grow your own herbs at home. If there were ever a time to grow your own herbs, it is now.  🙂


All Wellness Wednesday events are free. Register below.



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