Face Yoga

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  • Your face has over 60 muscles in it. These muscles can be exercised and toned, just like the rest of your body. The most effective approach is to exercise a little bit every day (versus one long session every month).  Six minutes a day is a good goal.
  • “Face yoga” is a combination of facial exercises and massage.



1)  Warm-Ups for Circulation
–O mouth and open mouth wide!
–Stick out tongue and make AHHHHHH sound as long as possible (three times)
Extra tip:  Remember to hydrate every day!  Try to drink at least two liters of water per day. I use this Britta water bottle to make sure my tap water is filtered.






2)  Forehead
The cause of forehead lines can be stress, frowning, worry, smoking, genetics
–Tap forehead
–Massage fingers to the hairline
–Press the index fingers to forehead
–Massage fingers to forehead
Extra tip:  Try “Frownies” facial patches.  Use these patches at night to retrain your facial muscles while you sleep.






3)  Chin, neck, jawline
The cause of a double chin and weak jawline is weak tongue muscles. This is one of the fastest areas to see improvement.
–Swan neck–tilt your head up to each side while imagining you are drinking a sip of something delicious from a straw
–Tongue under upper lip
Extra tips:  Make sure to get enough vitamin C in your diet to improve your skin!  Adding fresh lemon juice to your water is an easy way to do this.





4)  Eyes
The cause of droopy eyes and eye bags can be stress, fatigue, pollutants in our environment, dehydration, kidney problems, adrenal problems.
–The Scream
–Rotate Eyes
Extra tip:  Consider retinol for your skin and particularly in the eye area.  I use this product from The Ordinary.
5)  Nasolabial folds
The cause of nasolabial folds can be genetic, bone structure, weight/weight loss, aging.
-O to smile
-Puffer Fish
-Tap along cheekbone
-Mini facelift

Watch the video!


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