Learn more about Fairytrail, one of the first apps for dating and social travel using personality typing.


Who is it for?
Anyone, worldwide, who wants to meet other people for dating or travel adventures.


How does it work?
Step 1: You create a profile and find people you want to meet for dating and/or social travel. Many people using Fairytrail are remote workers or digital nomads living a location independent lifestyle. Since location doesn’t matter, the sky is the limit in arranging your first meeting.
Step 2: Find someone you find interesting and set up a video chat. Learn more about each other and if you feel like you’d like to have an adventure, go to step 3.
Step 3: Meet on a public Airbnb or Viator activity for your adventure date.


What else?
Fairytrail uses fairytale characters, MBTI and the Enneagram to help you create a profile that matches your personality. Check it out here.


Learn more about the Fairytrail founder Taige Zhang here.


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