Angie Pappa

1) Name: Angie Pappa


2) Lives in: I’m now back in Athens living downtown. I’ve also lived in London and Hawaii over the last few years.


3) From: I grew up in Athens. In my early 20s I moved to London for work where I lived for three years. Then I went to Hawaii on a yoga retreat, met someone and stayed there for a few months.


4) Occupation: Yoga teacher


5) First three jobs: I studied in Early Years Education and my first jobs were as a preschool teacher.


6) Zodiac sign: Aquarius


7) Enneagram Type: I don’t know yet, but I want to find out!


8) What you love about Greece: I like that Athens is a multicultural city. I also love the Mediterranean diet, the people here, the weather and the Aegean Islands. Cliché but true!  Some of my favorite Greek islands are Santorini, Crete, Kythira, Evia. I like the beaches, the white and blue houses, the ancient heritage, the friendly locals and all the summer activities.


9) Something most people don’t know about you: Everybody knows that I love traveling, what they don’t know is that my favorite place is home.  Some of my favorite places for travel can be either a big city like Paris or an isolated island like Bermuda. I depends on what I am in the mood for..


10) Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: Night yoga–I especially love the Full Moon events.  🙂


11) First time you tried Kundalini Yoga? A few months ago, on the Acropolis Roof Deck with Lynn and absolutely loved it.


12) Top tip to combat climate change?: Eat less meat


13) Anything else you’d like us to know? I love reading books especially psychology, yoga and self-help books. A book that I absolutely recommend to anyone is “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck.
I’d also like to invite you to my yoga classes.  You can find them here, and I’ll also be offering a special one hour Hatha Yoga class on the Acropolis Roof Deck on August 12, before the Night Yoga class. I hope to see you there!


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