Dion(ysios) Dragas


1. Name: Dion(ysios) Dragas

2. From: I say I am from Planet Earth because I am not really from one place. I was born in Athens and at 4 months old moved to Durham, North East, England. This is where I grew up. I went to university in Scotland, and I stayed in Scotland another 14 years. I also lived in Barcelona for a couple of years. And within all this time, I have being living part time in the United States. So to keep it simple, I just say Planet Earth. 🙂

3. Occupation: To be in service, through movement (chi/prana free flow & capoeira), sound/music, massage, unity (yoga) light (photography), web & design roughly.

4. First three jobs (ever!): First I was a Euro Analyst at Bankers Trust in Edinburgh, Scotland, then a Capoeira Instructor mainly in Scotland, and then I was the Co-Owner and Yoga instructor at Akasha Yoga Studio, Boston.

5. Zodiac: Virgo

6. Enneagram type: Type 2, The Helper/Giver

7.  Tell us what you love about Greece: Apart from the wonderful people (especially my wife Victoria and baby Angê), I love the resonance of this land of light and connecting with the wild nature around Pnika and Philopapou. What a wonderful playground to be in and to practice in.

8. Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I have modeled for fancy dress costumes and I can be found on packaging in the main stores in Greece (including costumes for a Doctor, Rasta, Afro, Caveman, Marilyn Monroe). Shhhh…..  😉

9. Where are we most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga community? Kundalini & Gong bath for sure (I’m the one doing the gong!) and Night Yoga

10. When was the first time you tried Kundalini Yoga? In 2015 with Gloria Latham in Kithira

11. Anything else you’d like to add? As was said in this land, “it is the land to know thyself.” So my wish is for us all to experience this. Namaste

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