Elli Zisis

1) Name: Elli Zisis

2) Lives in: Athens, Greece

3) From: Chicago, Illinois (USA)

4) Occupation/employer: Yoga Teacher, content writer, and blogger at www.yellowyourspirit.com

5) First three jobs (ever!): I started babysitting when I was 12 years old. At 14, I worked in the basement of the mall at a telemarketing company. I was that person that called and asked you to take a survey.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ It was horrible and everyone hung up on me. At 16, I worked at a department store in the customer service and gift wrapping department and later moved to security. Yes, I caught shoplifters!

6) Zodiac sign: Scorpio with a Cancer ascendant.

7) Enneagram Type – Enthusiast Type 7!

8) What you love about Athens or Greece in general? The food is amazing, I mean incredible. The sun is absolutely magical. The olive trees are part of my soul. I love discovering new streets and little shops, graffiti, coffee, the colors of the market and the ENERGY of this place pulsates in my veins making me want to dance, laugh, and smile all the time.

9) Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I still like 80โ€™s hard rock and heavy metal. I played the French horn. I have a B.A in English and a B.F.A in Fashion Design.

10) Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga? Everywhere!

11) First time you tried Kundalini Yoga ? This April 2018 with a wonderful woman named Lynn Roulo in Kolonaki ๐Ÿ™‚

12) Anything else you’d like us to know? I offer private yoga lessons in the comfort of your home or on zoom for those that really want to explore all aspects of yoga. I teach Vinyasa yoga at a studio in Neo Psychiko andย host yoga retreats and workshops in Greece! If anyone is interested in learning more about how yoga can help you, Iโ€™d love to hear from you! I also manage some rental properties so if you’d got rental properties in Athens and you need some support, please feel free to reach out.

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