Fani Tseliou

1)  Name: Fani Tseliou


2)  Lives in: Holargos, Athens



3)  From: Athens/Greece



4)  Occupation: Transitioning from Lawyer, specialization in Shipping, experience in private and public sector to Wellness advocate!


5)  First three jobs (ever!): Assistant in a Notary Office, Lawyer, Public sector executive



6) Zodiac sign: Aries


7)  Enneagram Type: The Enthusiast, Type 7


8) What you love about Athens or Greece in general: I love the smell of the sea especially early in the morning or evening. I love that within 45 minues from the center of Athens you can reach the sea. I love that Greece has so many different landscapes to visit: mountains, islands, rivers and (my favorite) thermal springs  in both the mountains and the islands. And of course the sightseeing– wherever you look, you see ancient ruins, not mention the magnificence of Acropolis (especially from Lynn’s balcony practicing yoga). The latest awesome experience I had 2 weeks ago is that I went to a cave where bats were flying, and they were … singing! I didn’t know bats could sing so beautifully! I was standing there in darkness just listening to them-amazing!


9)  Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I’m on a journey from a court advocate to a wellness advocate. The last three years I’ve been in a continued search of how energy works, discovering the truth that lies beyond the human physical body.
I’ve found there comes a point in your life when you realize that if you “comply” with and adopt the way that common society works, you will end up physically, mentally, emotionally or/spiritually ill. For me, the difficulties I had, mostly in an emotional level, motivated me to search inside myself for the answers and also for healing. And then a dream “happened” and then I crossed a door, metaphorically speaking. But this was only a door. There are so many doors to cross over and so many subconscious beliefs to heal, that this journey is endless, continuous, magical and unique for each one. It is only our choice to make it joyful or painful. When I made this decision to change, then all the help I need for this change came…


10)  Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: Acropolis Roof Deck yoga and hopefully one day to one of Lynn’s island holidays!



11)  First time you tried Kundalini Yoga (where/when/with whom)? At Holmes Place Athens, I think during 2013, where a Kundalini teacher had come only for two lessons. After that with Lynn!


12) Give us your top tip to help slow down climate change (for example, stop using plastic bags, go vegetarian, Meatless Mondays, etc.): The sine qua non (essential) condition for minimizing the negative impact of the human activities on environment is for each one to feel the innate responsibility which carries for protecting our home, Earth.



13)  Anything else you’d like us to know? I was always fond of wellness lifestyle and now I represent doTerra CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils and products!



I first met doTerra very serendipitously. I was offering my time at Project Connect-Adopt a Ship program at Irene’s Notias office and two friends involved in doTerra passed by to say hello –and that was it! They offered me the essential oils and as I was already an essential oil friend (wearing essentials as perfume) I was very enthusiastic. I was impressed with how gentle, subtle, smooth and powerful these oils are. The extra high quality is made even better because it is combined with wonderful people and good intentions. The company does  a lot of philanthropic work including with the refugees in Lesvos.


I feel I can offer to others useful tools to improve their lives with natural way. There is an invigorating DoTerra Yoga Collection with essential oils to enhance your life and yoga practice. DoTerra Anchor, DoTerra Align and DoTerra Arise are the perfect aromas to center and enlighten your spirit through every breath! Plus the most oils can be used for cooking and making therapeutic teas.
More information you can find at  And of course you can message me directly and I’ll be happy to show you the products! You can reach me at

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