Gregory Caillol

Name: Gregory Caillol


Lives in: near Syntagma Square in the city center of Athens, Greece


From: Montpellier, France


Job: Life and business coach. I help social/spiritual entrepreneurs, businesses and people with a social/spiritual purpose or a sense of wanting to contribute to something bigger than themselves (or as I like to call them: Genuine Humans).


Tell us your first three jobs (ever!):  First I worked as a waiter in a family restaurant serving local French and Provencal food. Then I was a salesman in a clothing store (a casual/chic menswear store with a very nice vibe and lots of colors).  Then for my third job I was an area manager for the mass market channel at Epson for three years.


Zodiac sign?: Taurus


What do you love about Greece: The simplicity, authenticity, honesty, accessibility and freedom that this city and its people inspire me. I don’t know how to explain it yet, but there’s something so real and human here (at least from what I’ve had the chance to experience during my first month here)… it is actually quite refreshing.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you: It took me 29 years to realize I wasn’t made for a sedentary life. I always knew I needed to move a lot but only recently have I realized there was more to it.  It is not just about enjoying travel or loving change, it is about only being capable of feeling grounded and present, connected to the now, if I move often enough and if I don’t stay too long in the same place without at least traveling.


Change is what helps me reconnect to myself and it is what makes me feel grounded, balanced, happy… For a reason I can’t explain (yet) it has a tremendous impact on my energy and consciousness.



Where we are most likely to find you in Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga? Acropolis Roof Deck Night yoga- the view never gets old.  🙂



The first time you tried Kundalini Yoga ? In France with a wonderful teacher in terms of method and style of teaching. It was a  great experience and a great memory. The class came to me during a difficult time in my life when I felt I wasn’t really connected to myself anymore. This experience really helped me and brought me comfort.



Tell us your top tip to combat climate change: Each person is different but here is what I do:
  • Eat/buy local, green and fair trade whenever possible.
  • Turn everything off appliances and devices often as possible and only use them when needed to a reasonable extent.
  • Be mindful of what I buy/consume. I’ll admit I don’t do everything by the book or right but I do my best to ensure that every time it is reasonably possible for me, I make the eco-friendly choice.
In terms of awareness, one of the most enlightening experiences for me was to start trekking and wild camping in the mountains (or to travel in emerging countries). It made me realize that everything we take for granted is not and far from it. When you live in nature for a while you realize how invaluably precious and scarce water, food and life are. And the same realization happens with comfort and material possessions when you go to poorer countries, you realize how shallow they can get.


Anything else you’d like us to know? I’ll share below a little bit more about my coaching practice. I use 4 pillars:
1) Awaken, Heal, Free (mind), Reveal (potential)
2) Reconnect to your purpose (Vision and Mission, what can we bring to the world),
To themselves (the heart -as opposed to mental and ego-, their inner child and the purest/authentic version of themselves as possible, one who will be secure enough to completely own their vulnerability, reopen the heart and live from a place of love and unity)
And to their happiness and ideal (helping them create a life made of the highest and truest choices they can make for themselves and for the greater good so that they can be perfectly aligned and get closer from the flow state)
3) Empower you to deliver your vision (business coaching and personal/mindset coaching)
4) Connect (currently working on the launch of a community to connect the genuine humans around the world)

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